Quest:Walking Dead

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Walking Dead
Level 28
Type Solo
Starts with Cwendreda
Starts at Dol Vaeg
Start Region Lone-lands
Map Ref [32.6S, 26.1W]
Quest Group Lone-lands
Quest Chain Evil in the Ruins
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We know that there are a great number of Dead within this place. We have learned of these foul beings from our stone-speaker and our friend Radagast.

'We know that they are evil and that they hate all that live. I must ask that you make your way to the ruins and destroy the Dead there, for they are a blight on these lands and should be purged.

'You will find a great number of these creatures, some bloated, some barely sheathed in flesh, and others bereft of flesh within the borders of Nan Dhelu. Banish them from the ruins, then return to me.'


The ruins of Nan Dhelu have often given the Eglain ill feelings, but the arrival or emergence of the Dead from within the ruins has them even more fearful. A brave warrior, Cwendreda, was sent to watch and learn about ruins and her tasks now fall to you as terror begins to grow from within those once great halls.

Objective 1

North and east of Dol Vaeg are the ruins at Nan Dhelu.

Cwendreda informed you to be wary as there are a good many of dangerous Dead within the ruins of Nan Dhelu and asked you to banish them.

Cwendreda: 'Be cautious in the ruins for the Dead are not alone. There is some ancient evil within as well. Be vigilant and destory the wights there.'

Objective 2

Cwendreda is at Dol Vaeg.

The perils of Nan Dhelu are behind you now, but the memories will remain. The Dead overrun the ruins, and though there is a rich history in that place, an evil exists there also.

Cwendreda: 'This cannot have been an easy task. The Dead are creatures that inspire fear within the most courageous of hearts.
'We Eglain are indebted to you, <name>. I offer you this meagre gift for your efforts.'