Quest:Visitor from the North

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Visitor from the North
Level 71
Type Solo
Starts with Penda
Starts at Frithstan's Camp
Start Region Great River
Map Ref [24.7S, 65.5W]
Ends with Landroval
Ends at Secluded Clearing
End Region Great River
Map Ref [22.2S, 64.9W]
Quest Group Wailing Hills
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You have proven yourself to be a true friend to the Rohirrim, and I believe you are worthy of recieving some interesting information.

'As you know, I was away from camp, scouting among the hills to the north, when the trouble began. It was there that I encountered, concealed among a clearing of trees, allies unexpected.

'I think it would be best if you visited them for yourself. Go north-east, beyond Aster Hill, and seek out the clearing. Their presence in these lands leads me to believe that they may be in need of assistance, perhaps your abilities would be of use to them.'


Penda has spotted an unusual visitor to the Wailing Hills, north of Aster Hill.

Objective 1

  • Talk to the visitor in the clearing, far to the north-east

The clearing can be found in the north-east section of the Wailing Hills, north of Aster Hill.

Penda has mentioned meeting unexpected visitors in a clearing far to the north.

Penda: 'Do you need a bit of guidance? Travel north of here, beyond Aster Hill, and you will come to a small clearing of trees. Introduce yourself to the company there and lend them aid if you cn.
'May fortune go with you, friend.'
Landroval: 'A pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Landroval, and I am brother to the Windlord, Gwaihir.
'I have observed some of your deeds in these lands, and I believe that you may be capable of helping me with my task.'