Quest:Unbridled Wrath -- Repeatable

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Unbridled Wrath -- Repeatable
Level 82
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Thane Béortnoth, son of Wulfrad
Starts at The Entwash Vale
Start Region Entwash Vale
Map Ref [42.2S, 66.6W]
Quest Group Entwash Vale
Quest Chain Thornhope
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ah, <name>. Sanity returns to me -- or so it seems to me, at least -- but I cannot rest until the filthy Orcs are driven from my home. You have been of great aid thus far...will you join us once again?

'The Orcs retaliate, but we know these lands better than they and can melt away and return before they know it. They, however, have no refuge...if we can drive them into Fangorn, I believe they may not return.'


So great are the numbers of the Orcs that one assault on the ruins of Thornhope is not enough to drive out the Enemy.

Objective 1

  • Accompany Thane Béortnoth to the ruins of Thornhope

Thane Béortnoth is camped beyond the walls of Thornhope.

You should speak with Béortnoth when you are ready to attack Thornhope.

Thane Béortnoth: 'To Thornhope, then!'
Complete the Instance: Unbridled Wrath quest.
You have helped assail the Orcs at Thornhope

Objective 2

  • Talk to Thane Béortnoth outside Thornhope

Thane Béortnoth is camped outside the ruins of Thornhope.

You should speak with Béortnoth regarding the last attack on Thornhope.

Thane Béortnoth: 'Your aid has been of great value, but this is going to take longer than I expected….'