Quest:Tumun-ghâr: Taking Back What is Ours

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Tumun-ghâr: Taking Back What is Ours
Level 53
Type Solo only
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Alwar
Starts at Gharâf-fehem
Start Region The Redhorn Lodes
Map Ref [13.1S, 105.6W]
Quest Group Moria
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The Redhorn Lodes are a frightening place to be in. Orcs to the left, deep-claws to the right, and gredbyg right in the middle!

'Were it not for my duty to the Iron Garrison, I would not even attempt to reclaim Tumun-ghâr. But to me, duty is everything, so here I am.

'In order to reclaim this mine, we will need to defeat the leadership of the intruders within. Defeat the enemy, be it Orc or beast, that leads the intruders within. Doing so should position us to more ably reclaim Tumun-ghâr in the name of the Iron Garrison.'


The Redhorn Lodes have become a haven for beasts and Orc-kind alike since the fall of Moria. A variety of different tribes of Orcs fight for control over the precious ore found within the rock, while also competing with insect and beast alike for territory to call their own. The Iron Garrison has sent a small expedition into the Redhorn Lodes to recover a little known mine called Tumun-ghâr.

Objective 1

The entrance to Tumun-ghâr lies within Gharâf-fehem.

Alwar has asked you to defeat the leader of the intruders within Tumun-ghâr.

Alwar: 'Do not waste time! Enter Tumun-ghâr and tear down whatever passes for a leader within.'
You have entered Tumun-ghâr. The noises ahead suggest something else is in here with you.
You proceed deeper into Tumun-ghâr. The light of the entrance fades as you enter the unknown.
You near the end of Tumun-ghâr. A twinge of dread gnaws at the back of your mind.
Defeated the leader of the intruders in Tumun-ghâr

Objective 2

Alwar is at Gharâf-fehem.

You should return to Alwar with news of your success.

Alwar: 'You are quite efficient with a weapon, my friend. I could not have done the job better myself.
'With the intruders in disarray, we can further secure Tumun-ghâr. For your efforts, you deserve a token of the Iron Garrison's appreciation.
'What? Yes, I know -- it doesn't look like much. That is isn't.'