Quest:Tribute to the Lost

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Tribute to the Lost
Level 72
Type Solo
Starts with Penda
Starts at Frithstan's Camp
Start Region Great River
Map Ref [24.7S, 65.5W]
Ends with Location for Placing Flowers
Ends at The Cuthstan
End Region Great River
Map Ref [25.3S, 65.6W]
Quest Group Wailing Hills
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'When the spirits of those who have fought alongside us pass on from this land, it is traditional to pay them tribute for their service. Sadly, the men of this land know this practice all too well, and a common memorial area has been placed at the Cuthstan monument.

'You are welcome to join in our tradition. I ask that you collect the red flowers scattered across Aster Hill. Bring them south and place them on the stones around the Cuthstan in memory of Odda and the other fallen Rohirrim.'


Frithstan has invited you to participate in a traditional memorial service to the departed soldiers who had once fought alongside you.

Objective 1

Red aster may be collected north of Frithstan's camp, scattered around Aster Hill.

Frithstan has asked you to collect red aster, a bright flower that blooms in the Wailing Hills.

Penda: 'The flowers that you will need are called red aster and can be found growing among the other flowers on Aster Hill to the north.
'Take them to the Cuthstan when you are ready to pay your respects.'

Objective 2

  • Place the flowers at the base of the Cuthstan

The memorial location is at the base of the Cuthstan, atop the large hill where Lanbert's camp may be found.

The flowers may be placed at the memorial site in order to pay respect to all those honourable warriors who have passed on.

Memories of Odda and all those who have been lost enter your thoughts