Quest:Tracking Treasure

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Tracking Treasure
Level 58
Type Solo
Starts with Celofa
Starts at The Shadowed Refuge
Start Region Foundations of Stone
Map Ref [12.8S, 100.7W]
Quest Group Burglar
Class Burglar
Quest Chain The Path of the Mischief Maker
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'All right, <name>. To begin, let's have you go out and dig up some old dwarf-style riddles...or at least riddles that dwarves wrote down. They needn't be dwarvish in origin, of course, but since Moria has such a great store of everything imaginable, just waiting to be uncovered, one would think that some excellent riddles can be unearthed here.

'Now where was I...Ah, yes. Riddles! There are some old shelves in the Western Deeps, but you will find nasty Orcs too, I'm afraid. Try searching the shelves for any good riddles and bring one back to me.

'And about those Orcs: they might hear you if you make too much noise rustling and rummaging about those shelves. I'd keep my eyes open, if I were you, and make quick work of it.'


Celofa has sent you out to the Western Deeps in search of ancient dwarf-style riddles. Apparently clues can be found on the bookshelves there, but Celofa warns that making too much noise may attract the nearby Orcs.

Objective 1

The Western Deeps are north-west from the Redhorn Lodes. Celofa suggested that you start your search between Gabil-mamach and the Hall of Flowing Water.

Celofa has asked you to search through any stacks of scrolls you may find in the Western Deeps between Gabil-mamach and the Hall of Flowing Water, but she warned that your search may alert the Orcs of that area to your presence if you are not careful.

This bookcase does not contain the scroll that you seek.


Found a scroll of riddles

Objective 2

  • Return to Celofa with the scroll

Celofa is at the Foundations of Stone, south-east of the Western Deeps and the Redhorn Lodes.

You should return to Celofa with the scroll you found.

Celofa: 'Well done! This is a treasure, and no mistake!'
Celofa purses her lips and avidly peruses the faded text, eyes alight with hopeful mischief.
'Now hold on; this text is incomplete! This won't do...won't do at all.
'We'll have to find the missing text to go along with this scroll you found, <name>.'