Quest:Three Sheets to the Wind

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Three Sheets to the Wind
Level 47
Type Solo
Repeatable Solo
Starts with Burgthryth
Starts at Jänis-leiri
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [7.4N, 75.5W]
Quest Group Forochel
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ah, a face from civilized lands at last! Perhaps you can help me? Our fellowship came here to Forochel a few days ago, but through folly and mishap we became separated. I have spent the last two days fleeing through this trackless wilderness trying to escape from wild beasts and wild men alike, until finally I found some refuge here.

'Imagine my dismay when I discovered that several sheets of my most prized anthem had been lost during my flight! I need to get those sheets back! Thinking back through my misadventures of the last few days, I think I know where they might have been lost. You see, there was this enormous bear, which tried to steal the rations from my pack before I managed to calm the creature with my songs and slip away -- only to stumble into a band of those horrid snow-beasts or whatever they are -- I think the locals call them peikko? In any case, I had nearly beguiled the lot of them with my finest performance yet, when a Gauradan-hunter snuck up and nearly put a spear through me!

'Needless to say, those wild men are poor patrons of the arts at best, and I took my cue to flee into the night. It was not until I later found a chance to collect my wits that I realized my prized anthem was gone! Will you please hunt down those horrid beasts and retrieve my music? I may be able to make it worth your while.'


After becoming separated from the rest of her fellowship by a storm, Burgthryth was pursued through the wilderness by a variety of hostile beasts. During the course of her flight, she lost some of her most prized sheets of music and despairs of ever finding them again.

Objective 1

Burgthryth believes the first of her sheets was swiped from her pack by a Tundra Bear. You will have to hunt them down until you find the one that stole it -- assuming it has not already been devoured.

Tundra Bears can be found in Länsi-mâ.

Found Burgthryth's first sheet

Objective 2

Burgthryth told you that the second of her anthem sheets might have been grabbed by a curious peikko during her performance. You will have to hunt down the peikko that stole it.

Many Peikko may be found in a small cave due east of Zigilgund.

Found Burgthryth's second sheet

Objective 3

Burgthryth thinks she probably dropped the third sheet of her anthem when she was being pursued by Gauradan-hunters. You will have to hunt down the Gauredain and retrieve that sheet before they use it as a hankerchief -- or worse.

Gauredain can be found in Länsi-mâ.

Found Burgthryth's third sheet

Objective 4

  • Bring Burgthryth's anthem sheets to her at Jänis-leiri

Burgthryth is at Jänis-leiri.

You finally found all the sheets of Burgthryth's scattered anthem. You will need to return them to her at once.

Burgthryth: 'You found them? You found them all! Oh thank you so much!
'This is one of the greatest anthems of our age -- er, that is, it will be once I have finished it. You will come by to hear my performance when it is ready, won't you? I should be able to finish it once I find the rest of my fellowship, and we get out of this forsaken wilderness.
'There is just one more little problem, though....'