Quest:Thornley's Farm

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Thornley's Farm
Level 18
Type Solo
Starts with Saeradan
Starts at Saeradan's Cabin
Start Region Bree-land
Map Ref [25.6S, 52.9W]
Ends with Robb Thornley
Ends at Northern Bree-fields
End Region Bree-land
Map Ref [20.7S, 53.3W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Chain Thornley's Farm
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The Thornley's, farmers and workers of these lannds for many generations, hae been spared much danger from the brigands. Word has reached me, however, that the patriarch of the family has gone missing as he went to deal with foes out of the north.

'If you are willing, I would ask you to visit Rose Thornley, to the west at her home, and ask after the well-being of her husband.'


Brigands referring to themselves as Sharkey's Men have taken over the old Dogwood farm, threatening the neighbouring steads.

Objective 1

Rose Thornley is at her home, west of Saeradan's cabin.

The Ranger Saeradan suggested you speak with Rose Thornley concerning her husband's disappearance.

Saeradan: 'You should speak with Rose Thornley at her farm.'
Rose Thornley: 'Robb has gone missing, but how do you know this? Are you one of those Southerners looking to steal this place? You'll find that we're harder than the land we live on!
' are not...are you? Sent then by the Rangers? Never did trust them much, skulking about in cover of night never talking proper-like, but I must admit a feeling of gratitude lately. Least-wise since Robb's gone missing.
'Robb went out with his father's sword trying to scare off those brutish men from the North. He left a few days back and has yet to come home. I am running out of excuses to tell the workers. Please, will you find him?

Objective 2

Robb was last seen heading north along the road.

Rose Thornley has asked you to find her husband.

Rose Thornley: 'Please, will you look for Robb? Those brutes he was after looked like they were off to the north and across the road to the east.'
Robb Thornley: 'Help at last! We must get out of here quickly.'