Quest:The Word of a Healer

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The Word of a Healer
Level 30
Type Solo
Starts with Any Rune-keeper Trainer
Ends with Huldar
Ends at Othrikar
End Region The North Downs
Map Ref [7.1S, 45.0W]
Quest Group Rune-keeper
Class Rune-keeper
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'There is still much you do not understand, <name>, though you are a Rune-keeper of considerable ability. Runes of healing can be put to even greater uses than you know; however, you need a teacher to instruct you in these uses.

'The dwarf Huldar is a Rune-keeper of especial skill, and he may be able to teach you of these uses. Seek him out at Othrikar, in the North Downs. If he is impressed by your grasp of the mysteries, he may prove an able teacher.'


Rune-keepers are masters of the written word, and the words of healing captured in runic form are especially powerful and useful in a dangerous world.

Objective 1

The Rune-keeper Huldar is at Othrikar, in the North Downs.

You have been told that the dwarf Huldar may be able to teach you about beneficial runes of healing.

Huldar: 'You were told I can tell you more about runes of healing? You weren't told wrong, <name>, but I'm afraid I do not have the time to spare at the moment. Rumour has reached us that the Dourhands may be planning another attack!
'If you help us during their attack, I will tell you what I know of healing runes at your leisure.
'Let me know if this agreement suits you.'

Objective 2

Huldar is at Othrikar, in the North Downs.

The dwarf Huldar has agreed to teach you what he knows about runes of healing if you help repel an attack by the Dourhands.

Huldar: 'You will help us repel the coming Dourhand attack, <name>? Very good! We can always use another Rune-keeper!'
This is Solo quest, and cannot be completed with a Fellowship.

Objective 3

  • Talk to Huldar at Othrikar

Huldar is at Othrikar, in the North Downs.

You were of great assistance to the dwarves of Othrikar during the Dourhand attack and should speak now to Huldar as was agreed.

Huldar: 'I am quite embarassed, <name>, that I should be wounded so during the attack and require your aid in such fashion. Still, I am pleased you were there, as are the other dwarves of Othrikar!
'I will teach you what I know of the healing runes, <name>. If your performance during the Dourhand attack is anything to go by, you are sure to use them effectively!'