Quest:The Wood of Greenleaves

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The Wood of Greenleaves
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Radagast
Starts at Eryn Lasgalen
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [19.9N, 36.6W]
Quest Group Eryn Lasgalen
Quest Chain A Darkness In Ruin
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The time has come to plant these saplings which have been growing strong under my care. Will you help me by gathering the saplings and planting them within the forest? You may need to clear some of the dead trees, which are too far gone. Such is nature's way.

'A wood of greenleaves is upon us, my friend. We need but put our elbows into it to see it through.'


The saplings Radagast has been cultivating are ready for replanting.

Objective 1

  • Gather saplings (0/6)

Saplings can be found just south of Felegoth.

You should gather saplings that are to be planted around the forest.

SAPLING "A small sapling grown under the watch of Radagast."
Gathered sapling (6/6)

Objective 2

  • Clear dead trees (0/10)
  • Plant saplings in fertile soil (0/6)

Fertile soil and dead trees can both be found throughout Eryn Lasgalen.

You should clear away the dead trees and plant the saplings in fertile soil around the forest.

FALLEN DEAD TREE "A tree, devoid of life."
Chopping ...
Cleared dead tree (10/10)
FERTILE SOIL "Purified soil in the forest that is ready for new growth."
Planting ...
Planted sapling (6/6)

Objective 3

You should return to Radagast, who can be found at the tree nursery just outside of Felegoth.

Radagast: 'The trees were planted well? Good, good! I knew I could count on you. Really, you must come and visit me in Rhosgobel one of these days!'