Quest:The Witan: The Battle for Hytbold

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The Witan: The Battle for Hytbold
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Edgal
Starts at Hytbold
Start Region Sutcrofts
Map Ref [57.4S, 55.4W]
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"The Enemy is marching upon Hytbold, intent upon defeating the Lords of the Eastemnet and claiming eastern Rohan as their own."


Hytbold -- and the Witan -- have fallen under siege by a great army of the Enemy.

Objective 1

Defend Hytbold at all costs.

Harding: 'Are you prepared to join us on the field of battle this day?'

Objective 2

  • Join Harding on the north flank

Defend Hytbold at all costs.

Aldor Harding says, "Athelward! Glad am I to see you well and unharmed."
Aldor Harding says, "What foe threatens us this day?"
Reeve Athelward says, "A throng of Orcs out of the pits of Isengard...."
Reeve Athelward says, "Sent here to raze Hytbold and slay all who have gathered at this Witan."
Reeve Ingbert says, "Impossible!"
Reeve Fastred says, "What!"
Aldor Harding says, "But how came they so far into our lands without us knowing?
Reeve Athelward says, "How, you ask? Harding, you addled fool. They came because I let them!
Reeve Ingbert says, "So Wormtongue is not Saruman's only servant in these lands.
Reeve Fastred says, "Nay. It cannot be...."
Reeve Athelward says, "Of course not. The Wizard has given me his Orcs so that I may deliver the Mark to him."
Reeve Athelward says, "And in return, he shall make me King of all the Eastemnet."
Garmund says, "King? Never! All your treachery will earn you is death!"
Ides says, "Father! No!"
Reeve Athelward says, "Burn it all! Tear it to the ground! Spare my daughter...but kill the rest."
Thane Béortnoth says, "Death! Death take us all! For Thornhope!"
Aldor Harding says, "Quickly! Spread out, defend Hytbold! <name>, join me on the North side!"

Objective 3

  • Defend the north flank

Defend Hytbold at all costs.

Defend the north flank with Harding, Gísling, Edgal, and Winsig

Thane Radwig says, "Curse you, Athelward! You have forgotten your fathers!"
Ingbert calls out for aid on the south flank

Objective 4

  • Join Ingbert on the south flank

Defend Hytbold at all costs.

Objective 5

  • Defend the south flank

Defend Hytbold at all costs.

Defend the south flank with Ingbert, Fastred, Elfmar, and Mildrith
Ides says, "Wretched beast! Taste my blade!"
Thane Gísil says, "Alas for the mailed warrior! Dark comes! Night-shadows deepen!"
Radwig and Gísil have fallen! Join Ides in defending the centre

Objective 6

  • Join Ides in the centre

Defend Hytbold at all costs.

Objective 7

  • Defend the centre

Defend Hytbold at all costs.

Ides says, "Father, help me! Please!
Reeve Athelward says, "Hold! She is my child, and she must live! That was Saruman's word!"
Isengard War-tyrant says, "Little fool. Saruman says ALL must die."
Reeve Athelward says, "Stop! Not my girl! Not Ides!"
Athelward has weakend the troll. Defeat it

Objective 8

  • Defeat the troll

Defend Hytbold at all costs.

The troll has fallen. Hytbold is saved, though the cost was great.

Objective 9

  • Regroup with the Lords of the Eastemnet

Defend Hytbold at all costs.

Aldor Harding says, "My lords! What tidings bring you?"
Reeve Ingbert says, "It is done. The Orcs are broken. They flee across the plains."
Reeve Fastred says, "Not for long. Our riders will cut them down as they run. None shall return to Isengard."
Aldor Harding says, "So, we have won. But at what cost? Béortnoth, Radwig, Gísil, Athelward...."
Reeve Fastred says, "That coward is hardly a loss."
Reeve Ingbert says, "No coward, he. He died for his child's sake. Villain he may be, yet brave was his ending."
Reeve Fastred says, "Perhaps. But were I a minstrel, I would waste no breath to sing of him."
Reeve Fastred says, "I grieve for the good men who died today."
Aldor Harding says, "As do we all. High is the price we have paid...perhaps too high. But victory is ours."
Aldor Harding says, "Ingbert, tell your Riders to let some of the Orcs go."
Reeve Ingbert says, "What? What for?"
Aldor Harding says, "So that Saruman can hear the tale of this battle and tremble within his tower."
Aldor Harding says, "He thought to ruin us. Instead he has woken us and kindled our wrath."
Aldor Harding says, "Let the Wizard know...let all Men know...the Riddermark's courage slumbers no more!"

Objective 10

  • Talk to Harding

Harding waits to speak with you.

Harding: 'The battle is over, our enemy is routed, and Hytbold is secured. Can we really declare that we won this battle, though? Béortnoth, Radwig, Gísil, Athelward...we have paid a high price for this victory. Perhaps too high.'
'Are you prepared to vacate the field of battle?'