Quest:The Witan: Lords of the Eastemnet

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The Witan: Lords of the Eastemnet
Level 85
Type Solo
Starts with Edgal
Starts at Hytbold
Start Region Sutcrofts
Map Ref [57.4S, 55.4W]
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Skeptical of the King's state of mind, the Lords of the Eastemnet have gathered to decide how to defend their lands."


The Lords of the Eastemnet are holding a Witan to decide the fate of their lands

Objective 1

  • Talk to Harding to signal the beginning of the Witan

The Witan is being held in Hytbold.

Harding: 'As Hytbold is your town, upon your permission I will open the Witan, and we shall decide if we will stand up for our people and defend the Eastemnet.'

Objective 2

  • Attend and observe the Witan

The Witan has begun and the Lords are discussing the future of the Eastemnet.

Harding says, "As Reeve of the Wold and Aldor of the North-march, I, Harding, son of Harda, call this Witan."
The Witan has begun
Harding says, "Our lands are beset, our sons and daughters suffer and die, and our King does nothing."
Harding says, "My duty is to my people. I ask we form a council to defend the Eastemnet."
Ingbert says, "Indeed. Many are the terrors unleashed upon us.
Ingbert says, "But we cannot forsake Théoden King. Such would be turning our backs upon the Mark itself."
Fastred says, "Words, words. This talk wastes our time."
Fastred says, "What matter who leads, so long as we slay our foes?"
Athelward says, "Be not hasty, young Fastred. We all wish to protect our lands. Every man here thirsts for Orc-blood."
Athelward says, "But say on, Lord seek to make this Council, but who would lead it? You?"
Athelward says, "Would you name yourself King of the Eastemnet?"
Mildrith says, "I might think you would seek that title for yourself, snake."
Gísil says, "The King has given his bidding. We must obey! We swore oaths of loyalty until death."
Winsig says, "Whose death? How many more of my folk must bleed before Théoden upholds his own duty?"
Radwig says, "I am with Lord Fastred. King or Council, what matter? There are Orc-necks to hew."
Béortnoth says, "Aye! The filth must pay for what they have done."
Elfmar says, "We must wait for Éomer. He will take our plea to the King."
Elfmar says, "Théoden will hearken to the counsel of his nephew, the Third Marshal of the Riddermark."
Fastred says, "Trust Éomer? More fool, you. If the King has been swayed, then surely he has too."
Fastred says, "The only way to save the Mark is to ride out at once. Ride and destroy our enemies!"
Ingbert says, "The King is overmastered. My own son has seen it. That wretch Wormtongue is to blame."
Ingbert says, "Our best hope is to put the one who has weakened him to the blade."
Ingbert says, "If I march anywhere, it shall be to Edoras for Gríma’s head!"
Athelward says, "Ride on Edoras itself? Is that your grand idea to support the King, Lord Ingbert?"
Athelward says, "Such talk alone is treason. Your head is not so far from the ground that you cannot lose it."
Athelward says, "We must choose a wiser path, my friends."
Harding says, "Then let us stand together -- here, not in Edoras -- and take up arms."
Harding says, "The King cannot be saved. Prince Théodred’s death has unmanned him past return."
Elfmar says, "I cannot believe that. If Théoden has truly fallen, then so has all the Mark."
Béortnoth says, "Enough of this! You lot are naught but clucking hens. Blood darkens the grass while you bicker!"
Gísil says, "Théoden’s bidding is clear. Forsake him, and the kingdom will burn."
Harding says, "Our only choice is to defy the King."
Mildrith says, "You care nothing for the people, Athelward!"
Radwig says, "I will stand beside you on the battlefield, Béortnoth. Let our enemies weep!"
Elfmar says, "My father keeps faith with Théoden, as do I. Éomer will know what to do."
Fastred says, "The only Orc that that belongs in the Mark is a dead one!"
Ingbert says, "As long as Wormtongue has Théoden’s ear, all is ruined. Follow me to Edoras!"
Athelward says, "Thank you, Béortnoth. Calm yourselves, my friends. The kingdom will neither be saved, nor die this very night."
Athelward says, "Whatever path we choose, we must be sure in our deeds and we must act together."
Athelward says, "I am ready to stay as long as I must, until this Witan is all of one mind."
Harding says, "Lord Athelward, you speak the truth, as ever."
Harding says, "It does no good to slay every Orc this side of the Entwash if doing so tears us asunder."
Athelward says, "My lords, bide a moment, if you will. A Rider has come bringing news from Cliving."
Harding says, "So, then. While we wait, let us have a tally to see where things stand."
Harding says, "All who wish to follow the Council of the Eastemnet, speak!"
Harding says, "Aye."
Winsig says, "Aye."
Radwig says, "Aye."
Fastred says, "Aye."
Harding says, "And who would hold with the King and his bidding?"
Mildrith says, "Aye."
Gísil says, "Aye."
Elfmar says, "Aye."
Ingbert says, "Aye."
Harding says, "And Béortnoth? Where lie your thoughts?"
Béortnoth says, "My thoughts are with my kin, my kith, my folk...all slaughtered in Thornhope."
Béortnoth says, "My sword, if you wish it, goes to whomever will bid me bloody it most."
Harding says, "As I feared, we are still much at odds. Perhaps a fresh mind is needed."
Harding says, "<name>, all here have learned to trust you."
Harding says, "What say you? Should we break faith with the King, or...."
Edgal says, "My lord! Fear, fire, and foes! The West Gate burns!"
Harding says, "Then the time for words is over. Come, my friends! Draw your swords!"
The Witan has been interrupted. Something is happening outside.
Edgal: 'It is time to stand and defend all you have built here.'