Quest:The Window of the Sunset

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The Window of the Sunset
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Dornach
Start Region North Ithilien
Map Ref [51.5S, 6.8W]
Ends with Dornach
Ends at Henneth Annûn
End Region North Ithilien
Map Ref [48.1S, 8.1W]
Quest Group North Ithilien
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue


'Stay where you are, <class>, and tell me your purpose in Ithilien at once.'

You inform the Ranger that you are a friend of Anborn, Mablung, and Damrod. You then tell him that you sought to join Thurindol at Henneth Annûn, but became separated after passing through Aelin Veren.

'I see...

'You know many of my brethren, but a resourceful foe might also learn such things...'

You tell the Ranger of the great battle on the Pelennor Fields and of Faramir's rest in the Houses of Healing.

'Lord Faramir lives still! I... I suspect that you speak the truth, for to know that my captain heals even now brings me great relief, and no foe of the Rangers would desire to give us even the faintest hope.

'Still, you must do as I say if you are to come to Henneth Annûn.

'Sit near me, and I will blindfold you. As long as you heed my words, I swear no harm will come to you. Only by hidden paths will I lead you to the refuge of Henneth Annûn.

'Am I understood?'


Dornach has agreed to bring you to Henneth Annûn, but only by secret ways.

Objective 1

  • Sit near Dornach and allow him to blindfold you

Dornach can be found along the road to the north of Aelin Veren in North Ithilien.

Dornach has asked you to sit near him, so he can blindfold you for your journey to Henneth Annûn.

Dornach pulls a cloth from his armour and begins to blindfold you...

Objective 2

  • Talk to Dornach at Henneth Annûn

Dornach can be found within Henneth Annûn.

Dornach has led you to the hidden refuge of Henneth Annûn. You should now speak to him.

'I hope you did not hear too many chuckles as we arrived...'
You inform Dornach that you heard a few, but did not understand their context.
'I did not realize that so many of my brethren knew of you and your deeds. They think me a bit of a fool for taking such precautions with a friend of Anborn and Mablung. They all looked so amused as I led you in, but how was I to know? There have been too many travellers in Ithilien as of late...
'I stand by my decision, and I hope you can understand the wisdom in it.
'Welcome to Henneth Annûn, the Window of the Sunset... and our last refuge.'