Quest:The West Option

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The West Option
Level 78
Type Solo
Starts with Cúfaron
Starts at Parth Galen
Start Region The East Wall
Map Ref [58.8S, 47.8W]
Quest Group East Wall
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Now that these lands are full of Orcs and other dangers, Hestil has asked me to find another route through the East Wall. We had planned to keep going north, but that does not seem as safe as it would have been if this land were empty. Instead, it is crawling with Orcs, and those unnatural swert-hounds are not to be trifled with either. Of course, you know that: you fought some of them too.

'There may be another way through this land, <name>. There is a canyon to the west that leads into an area of the Kingdom of Rohan known as the Sutcrofts. From a distance I saw the Orcs working to barricade that pass. I will go there with you, taking you by secret paths that I alone, as a hunter, can find!

'Then you will defeat some of the Orcs at the barricade. That way, if we remain unable to progress north, at least we will have another option available to us. Hestil is sure to be pleased with that possibility, even if it means going into Rohan. Better the horsemen than more Orcs!'

You will automatically travel to the Sutcrofts Barricade in the East Wall when you accept this quest.


Hestil asked Cúfaron to find another route through the East Wall that will improve their chances of survival.

Objective 1

  • Defeat Orcs at the Sutcrofts barricade (0/5)
  • Defeat an Orc-leader at the Sutcrofts barricade (0/1)

The pass to the Sutcrofts is located south-west of Parth Galen and has been barricaded by the Orcs.

You need to defeat the Orcs to allow Hestil's company to pass.

Cúfaron: 'See? I have brought you here by hidden paths! I am a hunter of great skill and know how to move quickly thorugh the wilderness.
'The baricade is just over there, <name>. Defeat the Orcs that guard it, then return here to me when you are done.'
Defeated an Orc-leader at the Sutcrofts barricade (1/1)
Defeated Orcs at the Sutcrofts barricade (5/5)

Objective 2

  • Return to Cúfaron and tell him of your success

Cúfaron is waiting to speak with you.

You have defeated Orcs at the barricade into the Sutcrofts and should return to tell Cúfaron.

Cúfaron: 'Well done, <name>! Now, if we must, my band can travel west into the Sutcrofts. I know Hestil does not wish to, but there may be no other way. The huge gathering of Orcs in the East Wall may require us to deal with the horsemen of Rohan instead.
'I will bring us back to Hestil's camp with my secret hunter knowledge of the best paths and trails to take throughout this land. I think I may remember the way…if you keep your eyes open and help me look for our footprints….'
You will automatically travel to Parth Galen in the East Wall when you complete this quest.
You have spoken with Cúfaron