Quest:The Ties That Bind

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The Ties That Bind
Level 46
Type Solo only
Starts with Kaj
Starts at Pynti-peldot
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [11.4N, 69.4W]
Ends with Pinja
Ends at Itä-mâ
End Region Forochel
Map Ref [8.8N, 73.3W]
Quest Group Forochel
Quest Chain Capture the Bride
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<name>, it is time for the ritual. Will you accompany me and protect me as I complete it? Your task will be to make sure I am uninterrupted by her brother -- er, I anyone. Ha, did I say brother just now? I do not even think she has a brother! Ha....

'When you are ready, let me know, and we shall leave.'


Kaj is now prepared to embark upon the Lossoth-ritual he has vowed to complete.

Objective 1

Kaj is in Pynti-peldot.

You should speak with Kaj when you are ready to assist him with his ritual.

Kaj: 'Now, I am going to go into the house and... get something. You wait here and make sure no-one else interrupts!
'No, I am not worried. There should be no trouble at all. None.
'It is just that there is a very large broth -- that is, a fierce warrior, named Manu. Keep an eye out for him specially.'
Complete Instance: The Ties That Bind

Objective 2

Pinja is outside her house at Lumi-talletta, south-west of Pynti-peldot in Itä-ma.

You should speak with lPinja at once.

Pinja: 'Kaj means well, but he is too bashful. He is afraid even to talk to a girl!'