Quest:The Superiority of the White Hand

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The Superiority of the White Hand
Level 56
Type Solo
Starts with Ingifast
Starts at The Orc-watch
Start Region Redhorn Lodes
Map Ref [11.0S, 106.5W]
Ends with Knakk
Ends at Knakk's Camp
End Region Redhorn Lodes
Map Ref [11.0S, 103.7W]
Quest Group Moria: Redhorn Lodes
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It's clear that the invading White Hand is stronger than the Orcs of Moria. I am not convinced that tactics alone are why they are so easily winning the struggle for the Redhorn Lodes. My sneaking suspicion is they have been taught better smithing techniques and may be winning an arms race with the Moria Orcs.

'We found out they are both collecting iron. But maybe the White Hand is able to refine the iron better, or possibly knows how to produce steel?

'Defeat White Hand Orcs to collect a few pieces of their armour. I would like to inspect their pieces for quality and make and see if my suspicions are correct.'


The White Hand Orcs stormed into the Redhorn Lodes and ravaged the Moria Orcs enough to hold a larger territory in very little time. The long-standing Moria Orcs were content and unchallenged for some time, but this cannot fully explain why the White Hand had so much success against them.

Objective 1

  • Collect White Hand helms (0/7)

White Hand Orcs can be found in the northern region of the Redhorn Lodes.

Ingifast has asked you to collect a few pieces of White Hand Orc armour, to help determine why they are superior in their struggle with the Moria Orcs for sole control of the Redhorn's bountiful resources.

Collected White Hand helms

Objective 2

Knakk is located on the elevated platform just north of the White Hand Orcs' encampment, on the road towards the Grand Stair.

Knakk will assess the helmets and send them back to Ingifast, who will be pleased to see all the White Hand helms that you claimed as trophies.

Knakk: 'These White Hand helms seem to be made of steel! But while the White Hand Orcs seem to have basic skills in steel-making, the helmets are not of very high quality. However, even low quality steel is far superior to the iron equipment the Moria Orcs have been making.
'I have never heard of Orcs working with steel before, so what could this mean? It raises a lot of questions about the White Hand...
'The White Hand's skill in smelting and smithing is impressive for Orcs. I'll send word of this news back to Ingifast as soon as I can.'