Quest:The State of the Expedition

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The State of the Expedition
Level 118
Type Solo
Starts with Reach Level 118
Ends with Stráhek the Stout
Ends at Skarháld
End Region Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath
Map Ref [34.7N, 45.3W]
Quest Group Dwarf-holds: Reclaiming the Grey
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ah, there is always more to do. They say the work of the dwarves is never done, and that is as true today as it was in days past! Explore the lands of the dwarves and see their travails through to their conclusion! I do not doubt further adventures await in the Ironfold and Ered Mithrin.'


There is much to do in the Dwarf-holds, after all is said and done.

Objective 1

  • Assist Náin with Hammerstead and Utterby
  • Follow Nori's trail
  • Assist with affairs in Thornholt
  • Assist with affairs in the Steel Keep
  • Assist with affairs in the Glimmerdeep mines
  • Assist with affairs at Stormwall

Help out in all major affairs in the Dwarf-holds, including: 'Into the Ironfold', 'An Audience with the Boy King', 'An Unexpected Story', 'Scars of Battle', 'Across the Chasm', 'In the Halls of Thikil-Gundu', and 'Etterfang'.

Objective 2

Stráhek can be found in Skarháld in the Grey Mountains. You should talk with Stráhek the Stout about the Zhélruka efforts to establish themselves in the Grey Mountains.

Stráhek the Stout: 'You again, <class>. I will not lie. It has been hard going, here in the Grey Mountains, hard going even for a people that has come thousands of perilous, wearying leagues.
'Still, we dwarves are hardy folk and will not be daunted. When pressed greatly, we will as for help ... especially of those who show themselves good of will and worthy to the task.
'Will you assist us in our efforts? There is much, yes, much to be done!'