Quest:The Stalking Squawk

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The Stalking Squawk
Level 88
Type Solo
Starts with Bertred
Starts at Aldburg
Start Region Eastfold
Map Ref [69.2S, 64.8W]
Quest Group Aldburg
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'They all think that I am mad because I talk to a crow...but it truly talks, I tell you! I did not believe it myself at first, but we have spoken many times, and it speaks as well as you and I.

'Did you hear that? Just over....

'I heard it with my own two ears, but...I would indeed feel better if someone else you speak with it, as well. Would you speak with the mouse? Or was it an Orc? Oh, yes, the crow.'


Bertred has been having conversations with a crow, leading to the impression others have that he is mad.

Objective 1

  • Find the talking crow

The crow was last seen in the western portion of Aldburg.

Bertred wants you to find his talking crow and attempt to speak with it in order to prove that he is not mad.

The squawking of a nearby crow catches your attention

Objective 2

  • Speak with the talking crow

The talking crow is in the western part of Aldburg.

Bertred asked to attempt to speak with the talking crow.

Talking Crow: 'Get away from us! We only talk to one man and you are not him!
'Go away!'
You notice a rustling behind a nearby bush

Objective 3

  • Talk to the meddling child

There is a child hiding behind the bush near the crow.

You should speak with the child.

Meddling Child: 'How did you know it was me? I have been fooling that mad old man for weeks now!
'Please do not tell anyone. I will be in terrible trouble. I will stop pestering Bertred...I promise.'

Objective 4


  • Talk to the meddling child

Bertred is at his home in Aldburg.

The decision lies with you: speak with the child and let him go or speak with Bertred and bring the wrath of the mad Quartermaster down upon the child.

Meddling Child: 'You are not going to tell anyone? I promise not to do it ever again. I will be good...I swear it!'
Bertred: 'It was a boy? I was talking with a boy and not a crow? I do not believe you! I will have to talk this over with my friend, the Orc-mouse, to see what he thinks.
'Or was it a crow?
'Thank you for naught, and a good day to you.'