Quest:The Robbers of Rantost

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The Robbers of Rantost
Level 36
Type Solo
Starts with Eliot Bencroft
Starts at Rantost
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [7.9S, 68.9W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'The tomb-robbers are far more organized than we have previously thought, and Rantost is the hive of their villainy. Everything they plunder from the tombs and crypts of Evendim comes through here.

'We have been watching for a while, and each of us comes up with a way to hinder their efforts. If we can curtail them enough, we may allow the Rangers an opportunity to strike. This would let them end the tomb-robbers, recover their relics, and strengthen the restored friendship between Ost Forod and Tinnudir.

'Speak with my associates here for what we feel needs to be done. The list is not long, but it should make a heavy impact.'


The isle of Rantost is where the tomb-robbers have made their central camp. A great deal of history is being kept there.

Objective 1

There are several things to be done around Rantost to disturb the tomb-robbers operations.

Eliot Bencroft: 'Once we have the tomb-robbers rattled, we will be able to signal the Rangers to come with a larger force.'

Objective 2

Eliot Bencroft is at the south-east corner of Rantost.

Eliot Bencroft will want to hear that Rantost has been weakened to the point of being open to a larger assault.

Eliot Bencroft: 'Chaos reigns within the camp. It seems the time is ripe to launch the true offensive.'