Quest:The Path of the Trapper

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The Path of the Trapper
Level 58
Type Solo
Starts with Any Hunter Trainer
Ends with Armbeald
Ends at Orc-watch
End Region Redhorn Lodes
Map Ref [11.0S, 106.6W]
Class Hunter
Quest Chain The Path of the Trapper
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I see that your skills as a hunter have nearly reached their peak, <name>, but you will always have more to learn. Unfortunately, I believe your skill with a bow has surpassed mine, and I cannot show you anything else at this time.

'If you're up to the task, look for Armbeald in the Redhorn Lodes of Moria. He is one of the greatest hunters of the day, and has gone to Moria to lend his eye and aim to the cause of excavating that accursed place from the evil that holds it.

'If you wish to grow, Armbeald will advise you on where to next shift your focus. I would not follow him into Moria for anything, but perhaps you, like Armbeald, would not avoid such needless danger when there is a worthy enough purpose.'


In order to further your skills as a hunter, you have been instructed to seek out Armbeald in the Redhorn Lodes of Moria.

Objective 1

Armbeald is at the Orc-watch in the north-west region of the Redhorn Lodes of Moria.

You should find Armbeald, a renowned hunter who should be able to assist you with further advancement at a high level of skill.

Armbeald: 'Well met, friend Hunter. You have sought me and here I am, so what would you ask of me after coming all this way? I see that you wish to find more than a mere shooting-trick today.
'There comes a time in all our lives when standard skills of the trade simply won't suffice, and we must go deeper. Is this why you have sought me, greatest hunter nad trapper inthe lands from whence I hail?
'Perhaps I can help you. If you pass the test, I will teach you everything I can, for you will indeed be worthy of learning if you can overcome the challenges you have in store. Come, let us speak further.'