Quest:The Open Window

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The Open Window
Level 42
Type Solo
Starts with Wistan
Starts at Echad Candelleth
Start Region The Trollshaws
Map Ref [36.9S, 14.2W]
Quest Group Trollshaws
Quest Chain The Creeping Shadow
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We are going to need a lot of fish if we are to trap this sneaking creature, <name>. If it can catch fish on its own, only a large enough pile of the things will grab its attention!

'A fisherman by the name of Garbert and his wife Afanen have a cottage to the south of here, at a fork in the river. Speak with Afanen and the goodwife if they have a barrel or two of fish that we may purchase. You will handle the cost, of course?'


Wistan has a plan to trap the creature he and Adwold have seen sneaking around Tâl Bruinen but it is going to require fish.

Objective 1

The fisherman Garbert and his wife Afanen has a cottage south of Echad Candelleth, at a fork in the river Bruinen.

Wistan has sent you to Garbert's wife Afanen to see about procuring some fish.

Wistan: 'We will need a lot of fish if we are to catch this creature. Garbert the fisherman should be able to provide us with them. His cottage is south of Echad candelleth, at a fork in the river.'
Garbert: 'You are looking for fish? Well, I have some, but this is not really a good time. We had something of a bad experience last night, and I have not been able to bring in my latest catch.
'Speak to my wife if you want to hear the story.'
Afanen: 'You want fish? My husband has not gone to bring in his catch today, and I will tell you why! Because we cannot leave the house, that's why! It is too dangerous!
'Last night, just after dark, we had snuffed out the candles, locked the door, and we were just getting into bed, when I thought I heard something moving around in little Whelan's room. Whelan is just a baby, so you can understand my worry: I thought a bird might have flown into his room through the window, which we always leave open a crack so the breeze can come in, and I did not want him to be frightened. But when I went into his room to check on him, I saw that it was not a bird at all, but a monster: a terrible creeping thing hunched over bony legs! It was moving towards Whelan's cradle, and making a terrible noise from his throat.
'Its intent was clear -- it meant to harm my baby! I let forth a cry such as you have never heard, and sprng towards it; I do not know what I thought to do, but the thing sprang out the window through which it had crawled, vanishing into the night. Little Whelan is fine, but what if that thing comes back? That is why Garbert has not collected his catch, and that is why we will not leave the house! Speak to my husband if you like, but you will not change his mind!'

Objective 2

Garbert is at his cottage south of Echad Candelleth, at a fork in the river Bruinen.

Afanen told you the story of the creature that crawled through the window into their house before she chased it off and insists that Garbert will not be able to collect his catch of fish for you today. You should speak with Garbert to see if any other arrangements might be made.

Garbert: 'That is the truth of it friend -- we cannot leave the house while that creature is still out there. I want it caught as much or more than you do, and I know Afanen feels the same, but I cannot risk leaving the cottage unguarded.
'Here is my offer, though: if you go to my nets and collect the catch, I will let you take whatever this Wistan needs to set his trap. I have nets strung all over the waters that run through Tâl Bruinen. Search them for fish and bring them back to me.
'Not every net will be fortunate enough to have snared some fish. That is the lot of the fisherman, my friend, but find what you may.'

Objective 3

  • Collect fish from Garbert's nets (0/5)

Garbert's fishing nets are placed throughout the waters that flow through Tâl Bruinen.

Garbert has given you permission to check his nets for fish, but has cautioned you that not every net will have fish in it.

Garbert: 'I have strung nets all throughout the waters of Tâl Bruinen, <name>. Check them for the day's catch. Once you have a goodly number of large fish, say, five or so, return to me, and I will hear the rest of this plan.'
Afanen: 'I will not sleep as long as that creature is out there, <name>. You go collect tne fish from my husband's nets, because the sooner this creature is caught, the better!'
This net has not caught any fish today
Collected fish (x 5)

Objective 4

  • Bring fish to Garbert

Garbert is at his cottage south of Echad Candelleth, at a fork in the river Bruinen.

You have collected the day's catch for Garbert and should now return the fish to him.

Afanen: 'I have not seen that creature again, <name>, but you had better hurry with those fish, all right?'
Garbert: 'This should be enough, <name>. Bring them to your hunter friend, and we will see how goes the setting of the trap! This creature will enjoy these fish, maybe, and then enjoy nothing ever again!

Objective 4

  • Bring fish to Wistan

Wistan is at his campfire at Echad Candelleth, in Tâl Bruinen.

You have acquired several fish from Garbert the fisherman and should now bring them to Wistan for use in his plan.

Garbert: 'I hope the fish you collected from my catch will be useful. We cannot have creatures like that prowling about, stealing babies.
'Where did you say this Wistan was staying? The Elf-camp to the north of here, Echad Candelleth? I see. Bring the fish to him with all due haste!'
Afanen: 'Hurry now to your hunter-friend at the Elf-camp north of here! I want that creature caught!'
Wistan: 'I asked for two barrels full of fish, <name>, and you only brought me five fish! Well, I suppose it will have to do.
'But your story has put me in mind of some better bait than fish!'