Quest:The Madman's Tale

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The Madman's Tale
Level 25
Type Solo
Starts with Colbert the Mad
Starts at Fields of Fornost
Start Region North Downs
Map Ref [10.7S, 52.8W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Chain Mincham's Dream
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

You ask Colbert the Mad what happened here after he attempted to rob the graves of Amon Amrûn.

'Two went in and one came out. But I never came out, not really. The shades that stirred as we cradled the loot, they stir now in my mind, always.

'I can never leave Amon Amrûn. Like the shades. Soon I'll be no more than a wandering ghost, just like them.'


Colbert the Mad has followed you to Amon Amrûn, where something happened to make him lose his mind after he stirred up the furious shades from their tomb while attempting to rob it.

Objective 1

  • Find the heirloom chest and return it to its tomb

Amon Amrûn is in the eastern Fields of Fornost in the North Downs.

You should search Amon Amrûn for signs of what happened to cause Colbert to go mad.

You have discovered a stolen chest that surely enraged the shades, and none other than Colbert's brother...dead.
The wrath of the tomb's guardian has been appeased

Objective 2

  • Tell Colbert the Mad that the stirred shades have returned to rest

Colbert awaits you at his overlook south of Amon Amrûn.

You should speak with Colbert.

'My is a little clearer now. The fog is receding. How strange.
'Do you know, it wasn't very wise for my brother or I to come here and start robbing random tombs. We are professional treasure-hunters, but we separated from the rest of the group a few weeks back. We were seeking the riches of old Fornost.
'I wonder if the others are still encamped where we left them....'