Quest:The Lady's Sorrow

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The Lady's Protector
Level 90
Type Solo
Starts with Lúfa
Starts at Ordlac's House
Start Region Broadacres
Map Ref [45.8S, 67.0W]
Quest Group Oserley
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You wonder why I grieve so? I am recently wed to Thane Ordlac, but here I have not found love. Alas, I must call his home mine, yet I do not recall that he has ever come to this house since we were married.

'Truly, even did he show his love to me, I do not think I could be consoled, for my heart does not care for him as it should.

'Would you bring me a cup of wine from the table? If you are willing to hear my tale, then I shall need the refreshment to soothe my thirst.'


Thane Ordlac sent you to his house to protect his young wife Lúfa from the would-be assassins which the half-orcs intend to use against her.

Objective 1

  • Collect wine from the table

The wine is on the table in Thane Ordlac's house.

Lúfa has asked you to bring her a cup of wine to ease her thirst while she tells you her tale.

Collected wine from the table

Objective 2

  • Bring the cup of wine to Lúfa

Lúfa is at Thane Ordlac's house in Oserley.

Lúfa awaits the wine she requested from you.

Lúfa: 'Thank you. You have shown me a kindness.
'If you wish to know why I grieve so as the wife of such a young and handsome thane, it is because my heart belongs to another. I am only wed to Ordlac because my father desired an alliance with Oserley.
'I do not think my father would have promised me to Ordlac if he knew the lonely life I would lead here, but it is done now....'

Objective 3

  • Listen to Lúfa's tale
Lúfa says, "Ordlac visited Garsfeld often in the past, ingratiating himself to my grandfather, Gísil."
Lúfa says, "One day, not long before the Orcs began openly roaming the Mark, he came professing his love for me and asking for my hand in marriage...."
Lúfa says, "My father, Gísling, believed that Ordlac was sincere and saw in our union the opportunity for an alliance against the Orcs. He granted Ordlac my hand."
Lúfa says, "What my father did not understand is that my heart already belonged to Torferth, son of Thane Tordag of Torsbury...."
Lúfa says, "I begged father not to require me to wed Ordlac, but it was to no avail. He told me that I was young and that I would learn to love the thane as he loved me...."
Lúfa says, "Alas, since I came to this place, Ordlac has put me aside with seeming indifference, like a trophy for the wall. I do not recall him even visiting this home that is supposed to be ours."
Lúfa says, "How can I learn to love a man who has rent my heart from my breast and left me a lonely and hollow shell of a woman?"
'Lúfa says, "The worst part is that Torferth believes that I married Ordlac willingly. When he learned of our marriage, he was angered believing that I had betrayed him...."
Lúfa says, "There have been moments when I felt that I would rather die than continue in this miserable life."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Lúfa in Ordlac's house

Lúfa is at Thane Ordlac's house in Oserley.

Lúfa has finished her tale and wishes to speak with you again.

Lúfa: 'Now do you understand why I grieve? I will abide by my father's wishes, for I love him and would not be disobedient, even for my own sake, but I begin to feel like I will become old from sorrow and loneliness before my time.
'I do have one request to ask of you though: if you continue to Torsbury as you say you must, would you bring this, my favour, to Torferth? He thinks me unfaithful, and I wish him to know that my heart still belongs to him, even though we may never fulfil our hearts' desires.'