Quest:The Key to their Greed

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The Key to their Greed
Level 47
Type Solo
Starts with Thórth
Starts at Zigilgund
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [9.4N, 81.2W]
Quest Group Forochel
Quest Chain The Icereave Mines
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Attacks from those thin-beards is no small matter, <name>. They are organized -- they must have supplies, and a plan, and a leader to be this far north.

'I found some old maps of the Icereave Mines, and one of them shows a room inside. If I were the wagering sort, I would lay my money on those Dourhands planning to take over the mines, and that their leader would be claiming that particular area as his own.

'You will need to find a key. Perhaps one of the other Dourhands might have one?'


Thórth suspects that whoever is leading the Dourhands at the Icereave Mines is hiding in a locked area within the mines.

Objective 1

The Icereave Mines lie to the southwest of Zigilgund.

Thórth has asked you to drive the Dourhands from the Icereave Mines.

Thórth: 'You will need to find the key to the locked place in the mines, <name>. I would guess one of the Dourhands might have one....'
Found bent key

Objective 2

Thórth is at Zigilgund.

You should return to Thórth with news of your victory.

Thórth: 'Excellent work! Let's take a look at it....
'Oh blast, the key is bent! Ah, well. Not to worry...I think I can fix it.
'Hold on a moment....'
  • Wait while Thórth finishes his work
Thórth says, "So let's see about this key...."
Thórth says, "I'll need to heat it a bit before I shape it."
Thórth says, "There, that should do it!"
Thórth says, "Now to the shaping!"
Thórth says, "There, that got it!"