Quest:The Infiltrators' Surprise

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The Infiltrators' Surprise
Level 14
Type Solo
Starts with Otis Woodman
Starts at Infiltrators' Headquarters
Start Region Bree
Map Ref [31.1S, 51.7W]
Ends with Artie Root
Ends at Artie Root's House
End Region Bree
Map Ref [30.9S, 51.8W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You have told me the password, so you can go on in. I will show you the way. Lots of people are already inside. I let in Quick-wit Culver, and Twisted Garrett, and a few of the others.

'Let me know when you are ready to go in.'


Benegar Longbottom overheard a group calling themselves 'infiltrators' planning a surprise for the village of Bree and wants you to stop them before their preparations are complete.

Objective 1

Otis Woodman, the infiltrator door-man, has agreed to let you into the hideout if you tell him you are ready.

Otis Woodman: 'You are free to enter the hideout. I will escort you inside, then return to my post.'

Objective 2

  • Talk to Artie Root

Artie Root is in his house in Bree and wants to thank you for coming to his little party.

Artie Root: 'I can't believe it, <name>! This has been the best birthday ever, and now I have som many new friends to share this home with! Look at al the little fellows!
'That party was such a terrific surprise and must have taken so much planning! Thank you for being a part of it, my new friends!'