Quest:The History of Aldburg

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The History of Aldburg
Level 88
Type Solo
Starts with Arcil
Starts at Aldburg Mead Hall
Start Region Eastfold
Map Ref [69.5S, 64.0W]
Quest Group Aldburg
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'While we decide a course of action in regards to these different Orcs, might I recommend that you explore Aldburg? Despite the damage that has been done, it is still a very lovely place.

'While you are exploring, talk to some of the inhabitants and gain some knowledge about the history of our great home.

'As you might have noticed, we are very vulnerable here in Aldburg. Most of our men have gone west, for good reason. As you speak with others, feel free to assist those who may need it.'


Upon arriving that you explore the former capital city of Rohan, Aldburg and learn something of its history.

Objective 1

Arcil suggested that you explore the former capital city of Rohan, Aldburg and learn something of its history.

You should seek out Éothain and speak with him first.

Éothain: 'Thane Arcil has yet to decide what to do about the Orcs? It is not surprising. We will decide on a course of actions soon, I am sure.
'In the meantime, I agree with him: you should acquaint yourself with Aldburg. On the surface it may not look like the city of a king, but it is, in truth, a city rich with history.
'I recommend beginning in the eastern part of the city at the training hall.'

Objective 2

  • Explore the Aldburg training hall

The training hall in the eastern part of Aldburg.

Éothain recommended starting your exploration of Aldburg at the training hall.

Explored the Aldburg training hall

Objective 3

Téothic is at the training hall in Aldburg.

You should speak with Téothic about the Aldburg training hall.

Téothic: 'There is not much stored within the walls of the training hall these days. When our men went west, they took most of the arms with them. What remains inside, however, are weapons that span the history of the Riddermark.
'My sole purpose here is to ensure that our enemies do not gain access to what remains.
'Thank you for speaking with me. I do not entertain many visitors these days. From here, you should see the stable, located to the north-west.'

Objective 4

  • Explore the Aldburg stable

The stable of Aldburg is to the north-west of the training hall.

Téothic recommended that you go see the stable next.

Explored the Aldburg stable

Objective 5

Wilflad is near the stable of Aldburg.

Wilflad may be able to provide more information about the stable.

Wilflad: 'This is the oldest stable in the area, and it is showing its wear. I have been trying to acquire assistance with repairs, but with everyone heading west, help has been hard to come by. Perhaps you could convince Arcil that I need help rebuilding the stable?
'This very stable has housed the steeds of some of Rohan's greatest warriors...Éorl and Folca, among others.
'As you make your way around Aldburg, be sure to stop and speak with the Quartermaster, located in the western part of the city.'

Objective 6

  • Explore the Quartermaster's house

The Quartermaster's house is located in the western portion of Aldburg.

Wilflad suggested that you visit the Quartermaster of Aldburg.

Explored the Quartermaster's house

Objective 7

Bertred is at his house in the western part of Aldburg.

Wilflad told you to speak with Bertred, Quartermaster of Aldburg, to learn more of the city's history.

Bertred: 'Do you hear that? No? Well, never you mind that. You are here to find out more about this great city, are you not?
'I have been Quartermaster of Aldburg for longer than my memory goes back. I have seen quite a bit in my day and I have...I heard it again! You did not?
'There is not much for me to do these days, but talk with my new friend. Now, there is much to day, and not enough hands to do it. If you speak with Arcil, let him know of my needs.'

Objective 8

Arcil is at the Mead Hall of Aldburg.

You have explored Aldburg and learned a little about its history. You should now return to Arcil.

Arcil: 'I had not realized that there was so much that needed to be done around Aldburg. I was too focused on other affairs. I still have yet to decide what to do about the Orcs.
'Allow me to consider this problem further. Since so much in Aldburg requires another set of hands, I am certain you can find work to occupy yourself with.'