Quest:The Headless Serpent

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The Headless Serpent
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Malthellim
Starts at Hall of Ost Anglebed
Start Region Lebennin
Map Ref [78.5S, 39.2W]
Ends with Malthellim
Ends at Hall of Ost Anglebed
End Region Lebennin
Map Ref [78.5S, 39.2W]
Quest Group Lebennin
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Chief among the threats facing Ost Anglebed is the war-master of the nearby Haradrim. He leads a substantial force, and it grows by the day...

'Already Lornost has fallen to their warriors, and their riders gloat in the fields - the arrogant lot they are. They think themselves safe because of the half-trolls they command, but even those foul creations that could only be of the Dark Lord's designs cannot protect them now. We have taken enough prisoners, <name>... it is time for a show of force.

'Travel to their camp, and confront their war-master. Perhaps then they shall learn that the people of Lebennin are not yet beaten!'


Steward Malthellim of Ost Anglebed hopes to cripple the Haradrim forces across the river Serni by shattering their leadership.

Objective 1

  • Call forth and defeat the leader of the Haradrim in Thama Aklam

Thama Aklam can be found to the south-east of Ost Anglebed.

Steward Malthellim has asked you to defeat the leader of the Haradrim in Thama Aklam.

Waradi says, "Hah! You challenge me here among my men? If your wish is to die, I shall grant it!"
Despite his boasts, Waradi has been defeated

Objective 2

Steward Malthellim can be found in the Lord's Hall in Ost Anglebed.

You have defeated the leader of the Haradrim in Thama Aklam, and should now return to Steward Malthellim.

Malthellim: 'I have no patience for these snakes, <name>.
'I hope all his men saw his resolve falter when you confronted him. If you can defeat their war-masters, I have hope that you will aid us in driving all of the Haradrim and their Corsair brethren from our lands.'