Quest:The Guards of Sâd Rechu

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The Guards of Sâd Rechu
Level 48
Type Solo
Starts with Inufileg
Starts at Gwingris
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [40.1S, 16.5W]
Quest Group Eregion
Quest Chain The Wood of Sâd Rechu
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'While our resources have dwindled, our enemies have grown bolder. Dunlendings have established a lumber-camp to the southeast, just outside of Gwingris.

'There, they are butchering the wood to provide materials to the craftsmen of the traitor, Saruman the White. There actions cannot go unchecked so close to our own waypost, <name>.

'Head to the southeast and look for a small pond...our scouts report a large number of Dunlendings to be gathered there. Defeat as many of them as you can...they must be driven from this land.'


Dunlendings have established a lumber-camp in the wood of Sâd Rechu, where they collect would for the use of Saruman's craftsmen.

Objective 1

  • Defeat Dunlendings southeast of Gwingris (0/12)

Dunlendings can be found to the southeast of Gwingris.

Inufileg has asked you to defeat the Dunlendings who are laying waste to the forest of Sâd Rechu.

Inufileg: 'There is a small pond to the southeast of Gwingris. Focus your efforts there, then return to me when you have defeated the Dunlendings.'

Objective 2

Inufileg is at Gwingris, northwest of the Dunlending camp.

You should report back to Inufileg regarding your success against the Dunlendings.

Inufileg: 'Well done, <name>. With the loss of so many of their labourers and guards, the Dunlendings should be thrown into disarray.'