Quest:The Fate of the Wastes

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The Fate of the Wastes
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Mílgamel
Starts at Haerondir
Start Region The Wastes
Map Ref [36.7S, 8.9W]
Quest Chain Herbalism
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'That's right, <name>... we are going to try to cross-breed the plants of the Wastes with those of Ithilien.

'Even if the Wastes never recover, we can save their unique plants and grow them within Ithilien if they are of need to us.

'I have set three planting boxes around this chamber, and I would first have you fill half of them with soil you gathered from the battle plain. I have already filled one half of each with soil from Ithilien. Next, you should plant my samples of Oxlip, Vetchling, and Horsetail alongside these hardy mushrooms you discovered.

'This way we shall see if they can live alongside one another in each variety of soil.

'I may still have a use for the slag-water you brought me, but that can wait...'


Although the Wastes have long laid desolate, Mílgamel holds hope that these barren lands can again be restored to their long-vanished beauty.

Objective 1

  • Plant Mílgamel's plants and the mushroom samples in the soil (0/3)

The planting boxes can be found near Mílgamel in Haerondir.

Mílgamel has asked you to plant the flowers and herbs she carried from Ithilien in the soil of Dagorlad you brought to Haerondir. She also wishes for you to re-plant the mushrooms in the soil.

Planted Mílgamel's plants and the mushroom samples in the soil

Objective 2

Mílgamel can be found at Haerondir.

You have planted the various mushrooms and herbs in the soil you gathered and should now speak to Mílgamel.

Mílgamel: 'Ah, wonderful!
'Now then, I'll add a splash of this sickly water you brought to one of them and we can observe the results.'
Mílgamel walks to the central planting box and upends the phial of slag-water.
'There! Now let us see what happens...'

Objective 3

  • Wait with Mílgamel (A 60 second countdown timer displays in the quest log)

Mílgamel is at Haerondir.

Mílgamel has added a splash of the slag-water to one of the planting boxes, and has asked you to wait with her and observe the results.

The slag-water begins seeping out of newly-formed cracks in the planting box!

Objective 4

  • Talk to Mílgamel

Mílgamel can be found at Haerondir.

The slag-water ruptured the planting box and dripped into the soil at Haerondir. You should speak to Mílgamel.

Mílgamel: 'Ah, perhaps a minute was too long! Look, the slag-water has eaten right through the planting box...
'The others do not appear to have had such a reaction, though, and that is heartening.
'I do not know if the Wastes can ever truly be healed, but I am certain they cannot while the Enemy still looms ahead. Go, rejoin your company. I shall tend to these and see them safely transported away from these lands.
'If you ever find yourself in Minas Tirith again after this war, I am certain I shall have much to tell you!'