Quest:The Elves of Eregion

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The Elves of Eregion
Level 48
Type Solo
Starts with Any Explorer of Eregion
Ends with Daegennan
Ends at Gwingris
End Region Eregion
Map Ref [40.0S, 16.3W]
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Greetings, <class>. We have recently received word from our scouts that the outpost Gwingris in Eregion is in need of experienced adventurers like yourself.

'Head to Eregion and look to the north-west. There you will find our outpost of Gwingris. When you get there, look for the elf Daegennan.'


The Elves of Eregion need the help of experienced adventurers.

An Explorer of Eregion has asked you to travel to the Elven outpost of Gwingris in Eregion, to the south of Rivendell. Once you arrive you should look for the Elf Daegennan.

Objective 1

Daegennan is at Gwingris in Eregion.

You were instructed to seek out the Elf Daegennan.

Explorer of Eregion: '<name>, what are you still doing here? You should heed the call of the Elves of Eregion!'
Daegennan: 'Well met, friend <class>. Are you here to help the Elves of Eregion?'