Quest:The Deadly Broods

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The Deadly Broods
Level 35
Type Fellowship
Starts with Thoroniel
Starts at North Trollshaws
Start Region The Trollshaws
Map Ref [28.6S, 19.4W]
Quest Group Trollshaws
Quest Chain Fighting the Brood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It appears that we are dealing not with one brood of spiders, <name>, but with two! I do not know for what purpose these two broods have formed an alliance within the Wovenvales, but I can guess at it -- to prepare for an assault on the rest of the Trollshaws.

'If these creatures do belong to separate broods, then I propose that the venom of one may be deadly to the other, and that the opposite case may also be true! If this is so, we may be able to turn their own weapons against them, and eliminate each of the deadly broods! The trapdoor-spiders and the flesh-gnawer Spiders cannot be allowed to remain here.

'If you are prepared for another adventure, Arvoth, I ask you to journey once more into the Wovenvales. Defeat spiders of each brood and retrieve their fangs. Then we will sing the next verse of our tale!'


Thoroniel believes that the Wovenvales are infested with two different broods of spider, and she has formed a plan to deal with them both.

Objective 1

  • Collect Trapdoor Fangs (0/8)
  • Collect Flesh-gnawer Fangs (0/8)

Two broods of spiders make their home in the Wovenvales of the North Trollshaws.

Thoroniel has asked you to collect fangs from the two different spider-broods in the North Trollshaws: the trapdoor spiders and the flesh-gnawer spiders.

Objective 2

  • Bring trapdoor fangs and flesh-gnawer fangs to Thoroniel

Thoroniel is just outside the Wovenvales of the North Trollshaws.

Thoroniel is waiting for you to return with the fangs you collected from each of the broods of spider in the North Trollshaws.

Thoroniel: 'You have returned with the fangs of the trapdoor-spiders and the flesh-gnawer spiders? Now we shall see if my guess was correct, and if we can turn their own weapons against them.'