Quest:The Circle of Sorrow

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The Circle of Sorrow
Level 127
Type Solo
Starts with Damrod
Starts at Barad Angarth, the Gate-wardens' Keep
Start Region Minas Morgul
Ends with Rhadrog
Ends at Barad Elenath, the Star-gazers' Spire
Quest Group Imlad Morgul: Minas Morgul
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Damrod: 'This Circle of Sorrow is nothing like what we just encountered upon the Circle of Wrath. This place is not for the living. No, it is the realm of the Dead. Streams of spirits move through the streets and strange glowing lights flicker among the old buildings. There is much here that we need accomplish before it is safe to delve further into the city.
'You should assist those you can in the Circle of Sorrow. When you have done this, return to me and we shall continue our efforts.'


Standing upon the Circle of Sorrow, Damrod believes that there is much to do in this cursed section of the city before it is safe for the Rangers to continue their infiltration of Minas Morgul.

Objective 1

You should complete quests in the Circle of Sorrow in Minas Morgul.

Objective 2

Damrod can be found in Barad Orhant in Minas Morgul.

You should talk to Damrod.

Objective 3

The entrance to Barad Elenath can be found in the Circle of Sorrow.

You should enter the tower of Barad Elenath.

Objective 4

Rhadrog can be found in Barad Elenath in Minas Morgul.

You should talk to Rhadrog.