Quest:The Cauldron of Death

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The Cauldron of Death
Level 49
Type Fellowship
Starts with Oflár
Starts at Myrkworth
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [6.9N, 25.8W]
Quest Group Angmar
Quest Chain Cauldron of Death
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I have asked you to go into danger enough ere now. But I think I must ask you to brave still a greater peril. Indeed, I think this is too much to ask of any one adventurer, no matter how doughty, so I would ask you to gather allies to your side.

'This Cauldron of Death...I have heard stories of it told by the Hillmen of the west. It is said that a corpse may be bathed therein, and a wight emerges. It must be a sort of engine of death, the place from which all these dread wights emerge to plague the land.

'I am sure that you will find many defenders at the heart of Imlad Balchorth. Fight your way through the evil throng, find the Cauldron and slay whatever monstrosity you find guarding it.'


Oflár believes the Cauldron of Death is located near the central lake of Imlad Balchorth.

Objective 1

  • Find the Cauldron of Death
  • Defeat the Cauldron's guardian

The Cauldron of Death and its guardian are before the central lake of Imlad Balchorth, west from Myrkworth.

Oflár has asked you to fight your way to the Cauldron of Death and destroy its guardian. He suggested you gather allies.

Oflár: 'You must find your way to the Cauldron of Death and destroy whatever fell creature guards it.'
You have found the Cauldron of Death
Ironbound Giant says, "I will defend the cauldron for the Lord of Pestilence!"
Ironbound Giant says, "There are many spirits waiting their turn."
Ironbound Giant says, "Fell spirits will look through your eyes!"
Ironbound Giant says, "Your body will serve us after you die!"
Ironbound Giant says, "You have achieved nothing. I will return again from the darkness...."
Defeated the Cauldron's guardian

Objective 2

  • Talk to Oflár

Oflár is at Myrkworth, east from the Cauldron of Death.

With the Iron-bound Giant destroyed, the Cauldron of Death ceased spewing forth wights, at least for now. You should return and report your success to Oflár.

Oflár: 'You have done very well. Very well, indeed! You deserve all the praise I can give, along with such small rewards as I can spare. But I fear our work in Imlad Balchorth is not yet done....'