Quest:The Captain of Sâd Rechu

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The Captain of Sâd Rechu
Level 49
Type Solo
Starts with Inufileg
Starts at Gwingris
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [40.1S, 16.5W]
Quest Group Eregion
Quest Chain The Wood of Sâd Rechu
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Our scouts have reported that the few remaining Dunlendings have managed to reinforce their lumber-camp. Apparently, they have a battle-horn with which they can summon their leader, a man by the name of Tudur.

'Return to the Dunlending-camp, <name>, and look to the east of the pond. Search for their battle-horn and use it to challenge Tudur. When he arrives, defeat him...perhaps then the Dunlendings will return to their own land.

'Hurry, <name>, before Saruman can send allies to reinforce the camp.'


Dunlendings have established a lumber-camp in the wooded land of Sâd Rechu, where they collect wood for the use of Saruman's craftsmen.

Objective 1

  • Use the battle-horn to summon Tudur and defeat him

The battle-horn is in the camp at Sâd Rechu, east of Gwingris.

Inufileg has instructed you to use the Dunlendings' battle-horn to issue a challenge to their leader, Tudur.

Inufileg: 'My scouts tell me that the Dunlendings' battle-horn lies just beyond the pond to the east of Gwingris, in Sád Rechu. Start your search there.'
Defeated Tudur

Objective 2

Inufileg is at Gwingris, west of Sâd Rechu.

You should return to Gwingris and tell Inufileg of your success.

Inufileg: 'Well done again, <name>. With their leader gone, I do not doubt the Dunlendings will soon return to their homes in the south.
'You have earned the gratitude of both Elf and tree this day, <name>. Thank you.'