Quest:The Cape of Belfalas

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The Cape of Belfalas
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Falastír
Starts at Narvindon
Start Region Cape of Belfalas Homesteads
Map Ref [92.7S, 62.4W]
Quest Chain Cape of Belfalas
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The Cape of Belfalas is under rule of Dol Amroth and it has been this way since I can remember. Not that I have been to the city in many a long year. Ha, that is how it goes sometimes, I reckon!

'Some prefer the view from this rock or that hill, but in truth there is hardly a spot to stand in the Cape of Belfalas that does not show a lovely sight! You should explore and see it for yourself. I know you will enjoy every moment! Be sure to visit the stage, the docks, and either of the islands!'


Falastír, the friendly lighthouse keeper of the Cape of Belfalas, has agreed to show you around the coast.

You admire the craftsmanship of the lighthouse

Objective 1

The sounds and sights of the shore are refreshing
The view of Tolfalas is impressive
  • Take a boat to one of the islands off the coast
Nothing better than being so close to the water
  • Visit one of the smaller houses on the Cape
The house is stately and large
  • Visit one of the standard sized houses on the Cape
This house is most impressive
  • Visit one of the largest houses on the Cape
This is certainly the largest house you have seen in quite some time

Falastír wants you to see the sites of the Cape of Belfalas.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Falastír

Falastír is located at the lighthouse on the Cape of Belfalas.

You should let Falastír know that you have toured the Cape as he suggested.

Falastír: 'So, my new friend, what do you think of the Cape of Belfalas? Is it not the most relaxing place in all of Gondor - nay, of Middle-earth?'