Quest:The Aftermath: Forlong, Golasgil, and Hirluin

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The Aftermath: Forlong, Golasgil, and Hirluin
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Aragorn
Starts at Aragorn's Pavilion
Start Region Pelennor (After Battle)
Map Ref [65.6S, 14.7W]
Ends with Forlong
End Region Pelennor (After Battle)
Map Ref [67.3S, 15.4W]
Quest Chain Pelennor (After Battle)
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Forlong, Golasgil, and Hirluin all were lost in the tempest of yesterday's combat. What befell them is unknown, though I fear the worst for Forlong, who was last seen charging at full fury towards a line of Sûhalar.

'Please search for them along the wreckage on the Pelennor.'


Aragorn has asked you to find Forlong, Golasgil, and Hirluin, all presumed to be missing in combat.

Objective 1

  • Find Golasgil
  • Find Hirluin

Search for Golasgil and Hirluin on the after-battle Pelennor.

You have found the spot where Hirluin lies slain.
'The Enemy were everywhere. I did my best to fend them off but I was separated from my allies. I was able to hide here and loose tem after I fended off a party of Orcs who tried to Ambush me.
'YOu say it is safe to return not? I will go.'

Objective 2

  • Find Forlong

Search for Forlong on the after-battle Pelennor.

'My firend, I am dying. But you could see that for yourself, I suppose. Ah, the good times... the adventures. What I wouldn't give for one more draught of that wine...
Forlong coughs and tries to laugh through the pain.
'Ah, my firend. Forget the wine. Would that I couold see Throngil once more. I would swear...ugh! you must forgive me. I would swear I saw him upon the field of battle beneath the banner of the king. What delusions come upon us when our deaths are nigh!
'And yet, if it were him and he had returned in the hour of glory. Here, take my horn. If Throngil truly is returned, he will know its sound. He will come. I... ugh! I am sure of it.'

Objective 3

  • Blow Forlong's horn

Forlong lies dying on the after-battle Pelennor.

Blow Forlong's horn to summon Thorongil.

Aragorn arrives swiftly, a look of grave concern on his face, and stands by his old friend one last time

Objective 4

  • Talk to Aragorn

You should talk to Aragorn, who stands by Forlong on the after-battle Pelennor.

'I thank you. I bid my old friend a last farwell, too late and yet just in time. I have the memeory now, and I shall hold it close to my heart always.'