Quest:Tham Varan

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Tham Varan
Level 34
Type Solo
Starts with Orchalwë's Journal on the Twilight Hills
Starts at Tham Nambarth
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [12.2S, 65.3W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'The next estate within the fields is Tham Varan. It is a place we know little about. The records we have found only describe its name. It is an enigma indeed.

'The only thing I know is that the tomb-robbers have been swarming over it as of late. Given our focus elsewhere, it has been ripe for the picking, and they have slowly stripped out any valuable information we could find to glean its identity.

'It is not enough that we battle nature and time as enemies to our history, we have to deal with greedy robbers who want to deny us our past and identity. It cannot be tolerated.'


Tham Varan, the southeasterly estate, is shrouded in mystery. Its identity has been lost to time, and the robbers there carry off more clues every day.

Objective 1

Tham Varan is east of Tinnudir and Tham Nambarth.

Orchalwë's journal speaks next of Tham Varan, a ruin of unknown ownership besieged by tomb-robbers.

You feel that Tham Varan is under control. The next page in the journal speaks of Tham Ornen