Quest:Taking the Ornendil Bridge

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Taking the Ornendil Bridge
Level 120
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Edenos
Starts at Palace of Eldacar
Start Region The Sundering of Osgiliath
Map Ref [63.5N, 84.7W]
Quest Group Osgiliath Freep
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The enemy is on the Ornendil Bridge! I want to send you in to defeat the guards on the bridge so that we can recapture this key defensive point.

'Taking hold of the Ornendil Bridge is important to the safety of our stronghold at the Palace of Eldacar. May hope be by your side.'


Edenos has tasked you with taking back the Ornendil Bridge in Northern Osgiliath by defeating enemy guards.

Objective 1

The Ornendil Bridge is located in Northern Osgiliath over the Anduin River.

You should defeat enemy guards on the Ornendil Bridge.

Defeated enemy guard (1/10)

Objective 2

Edenos is at the Palace of Eldacar.

You should speak to Edenos.