Quest:Sworn to Secrecy

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Sworn to Secrecy
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Angbor
Starts at Tumladen
Start Region Upper Lebennin
Map Ref [77.7S, 28.9W]
Ends with Lady Terenis
Ends at Great Hall of Tumladen
End Region Upper Lebennin
Map Ref [75.8S, 30.6W]
Quest Chain Tumladen
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Aragorn has told me much of Lady Terenis, though she was much younger when last they knew each other. Even then, she had a keen wit about her and when that failed, a decidedly sharp tongue.

'You say she noticed the ships as they sailed, as he expected, and he will see that she learns of the fate of Pelargir before her curiosity drives these people into a misplaced fervour. The true challenge for her, I suspect, will be keeping such knowledge to herself. As it is with you and I, she too shall be bound by an oath to Aragorn... an oath to a King.

'We shall go to her in her hall, and speak of this when you are ready. Let us be done with this errand, <name>, for four thousand men should not wait upon the meddling of nosey folk - even if they are kin of the Steward!'


At the request of Aragorn, Lord Angbor has come to Tumladen to privately deliver a message of victory to Lady Terenis.

Objective 1

Angbor can be found outside Tumladen in Upper Lebennin.

You have delivered Terenis's warning to Lord Angbor. He bears a missive from Aragorn that must be brought to the Lady at once.

Angbor: 'Let us ease the Lady's curiosity, shall we?'
Complete Instance: Sworn to Secrecy

Objective 2

Lady Terenis can be found in her hall in the rear of Tumladen in Upper Lebennin.

You have delivered Aragorn's missive to Lady Terenis, and should now aid her as Lord Angbor requested.

Lady Terenis: 'I... am sorry for the manner of our meeting, <name>.
'Surely, you realize my threats were empty and borne only out of desperation! I welcome any aid that you can offer to my people.'