Quest:Steps of the Grand Stair

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Steps of the Grand Stair
Level 58
Type Fellowship
Starts with Avar
Starts at The Orc-watch
Start Region The Redhorn Lodes
Map Ref [11.0S, 106.8W]
Quest Group Moria: Redhorn Lodes
Quest Chain War Against Lothórien
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Narfi was wise to send us help. We have been watching the Grand Stair for some time, and I fear that we are woefully outnumbered. I have split our number: myself, Ossur, and Thithrand have placed our focus on different forces arrayed within the Grand Stair. When all our tasks are complete, I will vouch for you with Narfi, and we will lay claim to this area once again. Until that time, however, there is much to explain.

'Within the Grand Stair, are five tribes of Orcs and trolls. There are those from beyond Khazad-dûm: the White Hand and the Warg-riders. I have set Thithrand to the task of tracking their movements. The second are the deep-swelling forces of trolls and Orcs of fire. Ossur watches over this host. Lastly, there are the Moria Orcs, flocking to Igash the Fanatic, a lieutenant to Mazog. Igash has collected wealth untold at his throne at the crest of the Grand Stair. I know not what he will do with this treasure, but I know there must be a way to lay claim to it all.

'When we are satisfied that the tasks set before you here at the Grand Stair are complete, I will send you back to Narfi at the Twenty-first Hall.'


The Grand Stair once stood at the foot of a great crossroads within Moria. At the height of the great city, it led to all areas of the halls and was a majestic wonder to behold. Now it has fallen to the care of Igash, a lieutenant of the Moria Orc-leader Mazog. Igash assembled the forces of Orcs and trolls within Moria in one place and has collected tribute from each to one day bring to the leader of the Orcs. For now, each tribe vies for favour from the lieutenant, a fanatical follower of Mazog.

Objective 1

Avar, Ossur, and Thithrand are at the Orc-watch.

Avar has asked you to complete the several tasks needed to reclaim the Grand Stair before he sends you back to Narfi at the Twenty-first Hall.

Objective 2

Avar is at the Orc-watch.

The dwarves of the Orc-watch are satisfied that the forces of the Orcs within the Grand Stair no longer pose a threat to Lothlórien.

Avar: 'Though the Grand Stair still remains a pale reflection of its former glory, the threat posed by the Enemy here is diminished greatly. I do not think that they can effectively mount an offensive from this location.

'I will send word to Narfi that you have assisted us most well, <name>. This duty will not go unrecognized.'