Quest:Stand at Amon Sûl

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Stand at Amon Sûl
Level Scaling
Type Skirmish
Repeatable Yes
Quest Group Skirmish
Quest Text

"Not long ago a great battle was fought upon the peak of Weathertop between Gandalf the Grey and the Nine. Evil has been drawn to Amon Sûl, where the Ranger Candaith seeks to hold the hill for the Rangers of the North...."


Servants of the Witch-king have been drawn to Weathertop following a confrontation between the Nazgûl and the Wizard Gandalf the Grey. The Ranger Candaith has laid a trap to defeat the Cargûl who leads the dark forces to the ruins of Amon Sûl.

Objective 1

  • Inform Candaith that you have arrived
  • Candaith must survive the assault

Candaith has been preparing the defences on the peak of Weathertop. Speak with him to confirm the plan for defeating the impending assault.

Candaith: 'Thank goodness you are here. We heard from Rivendell that Gandalf the Grey had battled the Ringwraiths upon this very hill, and now servants of the Witch-king have been drawn here.
'The minions of Angmar have come already to Amon Sûl. I have laid a trap for them, but I fear this will be a foe beyond my strength alone.'
Candaith says, "The darkness has encroached far, can you feel it deadening your limbs?"
The Enemy has begun to march
Candaith says, "I have added herbs to these campfires, if you light them it will fight back against the darkness and return some of your battle prowess."
Candaith says, "Grab a torch, light the fires, keep them from going out and we may yet win this battle."
Candaith says, "Here they come!"

Objective 2

  • Push back the first assault
  • Candaith must survive the assault

The first assault has begun. The Enemy will stop at nothing to destroy Candaith and reclaim what they lost.

Candaith says, "It is quiet. We have a few moments. Gather your wits."
The first assault has been repelled. There are but a few quick moments before the Enemy will try again

Objective 3

  • Push back the second assault
  • Candaith must survive the assault

The second assault has begun. Dark and powerful forces are at play.

Candaith says, "Here they come again!"
Candaith says, "Their numbers wane, but I fear we are not yet through the last of them. For a moment we can rest, though."
The second assault has been pushed back. You have a few moments before the next arrives

Objective 4

  • Push back the third assault
  • Candaith must survive the assault

The third assault has begun. The Enemy's power is waning under the strain of sustaining this unnatural attack.

Candaith says, "The shadows grow dark. This will be their final push! To arms!"
Candaith says, "Let the foulness that leads this assault come forth and meet its end!"
The third assault has been repelled. The Cargûl now enters

Objective 5

The leader of the Enemy's forces and architect of this attack has finally made his appearance on the battlefield. Defeat this servant of the Nine.

Narudúr says, "I carry your death in my hands."
Candaith says, "Today was a good victory. I could not have done it without your aid, thank you."
The Cargûl has been vanquished, and Candaith has survived to carry word to Rivendell
Candaith: 'You have done a remarkable thing here today. Few in Middle-earth can claim to have faced a Cargûl, let alone defeated it in battle. This will serve as an important blow to the Enemy. Today was a good day.'

Optional Encounter 1: Defeat Golnauk

Encounter: Growling and a snarl come from the North edge of Weathertop.
Encounter Complete: Golnauk has fallen to your mighty blow.

Optional Encounter 2: Defeat Bloodwing

Encounter: Shrieking comes from the darkness to the East.
Encounter Complete: Bloodwing has fallen to your mighty blow!

Optional Encounter 3: Defeat Gúgaw's Arm

Encounter: Feet shuffle softly in the night to the South.
Encounter Update: Gúgaw's arm appears, eager to avenge it's body's death!
Encounter Complete: Gúgaw's Arm has fallen to your mighty blow!

Optional Encounter 4: Defeat Laimbenn

Encounter: An inhuman wail sounds out across the peak of Weathertop.
Encounter Complete: Laimbenn has fallen to your mighty blow!

Optional Encounter 5: Defeat Mokum

Encounter: Candaith calls out, "The Athelas has bloomed, quickly grab it all up."
Encounter Update: Candaith calls out, "Half-way there, we only need 4 more."
Encounter Update: Candaith calls out, "Now quickly, pitch them into the fire!"
Encounter Update: Candaith yells out, "We have been tricked, be on your guard!"
Encounter Complete: Mokum has fallen to your mighty blow!

Optional Encounter 6: Defeat Gwandir

Encounter: Moans come from the East edge of Weathertop.
Encounter Update: Gwandir roars, "That is my bow!"
Encounter Complete: Gwandir has fallen to your mighty blow!

Optional Encounter 7: Defeat Norgol

Encounter: A flickering from the South-east.
Encounter Update: This was a little one, a larger flame would attract a larger Iimrafn.
Encounter Update: With the flames all on, a larger fire erupts in the South-east.
Encounter Complete: Norgol has fallen to your mighty blow!

Optional Encounter 8: Defeat Gwathrengor

Encounter: A glint in the cairn catches your eye.
Encounter Update: The cairn has been disturbed, but its owner will only approach in darkness.
Encounter Update: With only the central fire lit, Gwathrengor has arrived!.
Encounter Complete: Gwathrengor has fallen to your mighty blow!

Optional Encounter 9: Defeat Urkflagít

Encounter: Snoring echoes from the North-west corner of Weathertop.
Encounter Update: Perhaps a little fire would awake the sleeping wood troll.
Encounter Update: Urkflagít awakes and roars in pain as he is engulfed in flames.
Encounter Complete: Urkflagít has fallen to your mighty blow!