Quest:Spectre of the Black Rider

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Spectre of the Black Rider
Level 10
Type Solo
Starts with Odovacar Bolger
Starts at Budgeford
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [31.0S, 65.5W]
Quest Group The Shire
Quest Chain Spectre of the Black Rider
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I have to tell you, I've a real problem! The hands say they've seen one of those black-cloaked Big Folk that have been riding to and fro lurking around my pig sties by night.

'I've been thinking about selling this farm to Lotho Sackville-Baggins, and this Black Rider business makes me want to sell out all the more. I'm just happy Lotho still wants to buy, considering all the queer Outsiders coming through the Shire.

'But I'm still not sure what's going on. It may be the hands are just scared of shadows. I want you to find out for me. Please go to the sties south of here by the stream at night, and see what there is to see, if anything.'


Odovacar Bolger's workhands reported that they saw a dark figure lurking around Mr. Bolger's pig sties at night.

Objective 1

  • Search for the Black Rider at night

Odovacar Bolger's sties are in the southern part of Budgeford by the stream.

Odovacar Bolger has asked you to investigate his workhands' reports by going to his pig sties. He was very particular that you should go there at night.

Odovacar Bolger: 'Have you found any sign of that so-called Black Rider?'
Black Rider says, "First Budgeford! Then the whole Eastfarthing! Tomorrow, the Shire!"
Black Rider says, "Odovacar! I'm coming for you! Ha ha ha!"
Black Rider says, "These sties are mine!"
Black Rider says, "The Bolgers are doomed!"
Black Rider says, "Ba-ha-ha-ha.... Fear my wrath, Bolgers of Budgeford!"
Black Rider says, "I bring terror to the sties of Budgeford!"
You have found the "Black Rider"

Objective 2

  • Confront the "Black Rider"

The "Black Rider" is attempting to menace the Bolger sties.

This "Black Rider" looks rather less threatening than expected. You should confront him and find out what's really going on.

Black Rider: 'Cower before me! You will face my wrath! Boooooooooo!
'I have to go. So long!'
Black Rider says, "I, er, Oops! Gotta go!"

Objective 3

Odovacar Bolger is at his home up the hill in the centre of Budgeford.

Odovacar Bolger sent you to investigate his workhands' claims of a Black Rider lurking in his pig sties. What you found was a hobbit dressed in a black cloak. You should report your discovery to Odovacar.

Odovacar Bolger: 'What? A hobbit in a black cloak? My fool workhands can't tell a Man from a hobbit? Something queer is going on, and I want to know what....'