Quest:Speaker for the Lost

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Speaker for the Lost
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Faltharan
Starts at Tumladen
Start Region Upper Lebennin
Map Ref [77.1S, 29.7W]
Ends with Lady Terenis
Ends at Great Hall of Tumladen
End Region Upper Lebennin
Map Ref [75.8S, 30.6W]
Quest Chain Tumladen
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I have never seen Tumladen so filled with the people of Gondor. I suppose it should not surprise me, but it is a marvel nonetheless.

'You have done much for my father and me, <name>, and I think it is time at last for you to rejoin Lord Angbor and his host. It has been difficult to discern who truly leads the guards here with so many folk milling about, but perhaps you would do well to speak to whomever does.

'I have seen many guards patrolling the roads nearby, and I am certain they can guide you to their captain.'


Faltharan seeks to learn who leads the people of Tumladen and hopes they can guide you back to Lord Angbor and his host.

Objective 1

Guards can be found throughout Tumladen in northern Upper Lebennin.

Faltharan has asked you to seek out a guard of Tumladen and determine who speaks for the people of the settlement.

Tumladen Guard: 'You wish to speak with the captain of the guard?
'You should seek out Imladir at the barracks near the entrance to Tumladen. He leads the defence of Tumladen, even in times of peace.'

Objective 2

Imladir can be found at the barracks near the entrance to Tumladen in northern Upper Lebennin.

A guard of Tumladen has directed you to a man named Imladir. You should find and speak to him.

Imladir: 'Hah! You think I still speak for anyone here? No, no... that honour was taken from me the moment the Steward's sister arrived.
'She speaks so surely of what she does not know, and those that seek shelter here will lend their ears to any whose voices boom above the rest.
'If talk is what you desire, then seek her out in the great hall. As for me, I shall keep these people safe from the Enemy.'

Objective 3

Lady Terenis can be found in the great hall of Tumladen in north-western Upper Lebennin.

Imladir has informed you that Lady Terenis, the sister of Steward Denethor, has placed herself in charge of Tumladen.

Lady Terenis: 'Greetings, <class>. Am I to presume that you travel with Lord Angbor? If he has arrived, I have much to ask him of the war.'
You inform Lady Terenis that you travelled with the Lord of Pelargir and his son, but intend to rejoin Angbor.
'So, you were at Pelargir then? You have my attention... for the moment.'