Quest:Shadow of the White Hand

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Shadow of the White Hand
Level 14
Type Solo
Starts with Chief Watcher Grimbriar
Starts at Southern Bree-fields
Start Region Bree-land
Map Ref [28.1S, 53.4W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Chain The Baying of Wolves
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I have a spy among the brigands who may be helpful in divining the true nature of this Sharkey. I will send him a message instructing him to come to a certain hill not far from here. Meet him there and ask him about Sharkey and his plans.

'The meeting place is by a grey rock in a small stand of trees directly north of Bree-town.

'If my spy has no news to share, we will need to find another means of learning Sharkey's plans.'


Your discovery supports what Grimbriar's spy has been telling him. Grimbriar has arranged an exchange of important papers.

Objective 1

  • Meet Grimbriar's spy
  • Protect the spy from the brigands

Grimbriar's spy will meet you by a grey rock in a stand of trees, north of Bree-town.

Grimbriar has sent you to meet a spy he insinuated into the ranks of the brigands in hopes that he will reveal information about Sharkey and his plans.

Chief Watcher Grimbriar: 'Meet my spy, as we discussed. He should be able to tell us more of this Sharkey and his plans for Bree-land.'
Brigand-informer: 'We must be quick, I think they suspect something. Wait! What's that sound? Look they come!'
Brigand-informer says, "Oh no! I've been followed by Sharkey's men! Here they come... please fight them off!"
The spy handed you a bundle of notes
Brigand-informer says, "Thanks! I hope these notes I've prepared are helpful. I'd better get out of here. Tell Saeradan I'm done with this business for good."

Objective 2

Watcher Grimbriar can be found at the stone house near the crossroads outside of Bree.

The spy's notes further supported the brigand's letter, verifying that Sharkey is no brigand himself, but an influential man of the south. Grimbriar must know.

Chief Watcher Grimbriar: 'This is dire news. I suppose it was too much to expect that it would all turn out to be some minor brigand leader's dream of lordship.
'Well, I should not blame you for doing what I sent you to do, though it is a pity you did not return with better tidings. Now I must send a message to Strider, my chief, telling him of the ill news and asking him what we should do about Sharkey and his little army of brigands. We can do nothing more for now, for we lack the force.'