Quest:Setting Up Shop

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Setting Up Shop
Level 51
Type Solo
Starts with Athils
Starts at Durin's Threshold: North Wing
Start Region The Great Delving
Map Ref [7.5S, 115.8W]
Quest Group Moria: The Great Delving
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ah, hello, <name>! We are off to a rough start here, to be sure, but is this not an exciting time? Already we have excavated these most impressive forges.

'Would you like to help me set up shop? Be careful...the fires are hot. The dwarves of Moria knew what they were about when they built these!'


Athils is looking for assistance in getting an old forge in the North Wing up and running.

Objective 1

Dull blades can be found on weapon-racks in the North Wing of Durin's Threshold.

You should collect several dull blades for restoration in the newly-lit forge.

Athils: 'You can find the old dull blades strewn about the North Wing. You needn't look to far.'

Objective 2

  • Use the forge to restore the blades (0/6)

The forge of the North Wing can be found near Athils.

You should use the forge to restore the blades you collected.

Objective 3

Athils is in the North Wing of Durin's Threshold, overseeing the work being done there.

You should bring the newly restored blades to Athils.

Athils: 'Ah, that is fine work, good <race>! I can tell this was forged in Moria -- the improvement is remarkable already. I look forward to the work to be done here.'