Quest:Self-sacrifice: Support the Poor

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Self-sacrifice: Support the Poor
Level ...
Type Solo
Starts with Mara Sandydowns
Starts at Winter-home
Start Region Frostbluff
Map Ref [11.9N, 95.3W]
Ends with Gareth Rust
Ends at Winter-home
End Region Frostbluff
Map Ref [12.0N, 95.7W]
Quest Chain A Final Act
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I'll give you the short of it: the mayor is feeling a little suspicious of the workers and wants someone to spy on them to see what's afoot. What you make of this is for you to decide, but I would talk to the mayor if I were you. See if what he has to say is to your liking.

WARNING: The rewards for both of these mutually-exclusive quests are UNIQUE to each quest. Please choose your quest carefully!


Sometimes you put others before yourself, especially when those others have great need. Charity is a wonderful thing!

NOTE: This quest will be removed from your quest log when the current festival ends.

Objective 1

  • Find out what the mayor wants from you

The mayor stands in the centre of Winter-home, overseeing the events of the Yule Festival.

You should speak with the mayor and find out what he wants from you, though it sounds like he has a sleazy scheme brewing.

Winston Goodnough: 'Don't look to me for advice, <name>. It's not my role to choose or help you choose. You must look inside yourself and do what you think is right, for yourself or for others.'
Winston Goodnough: 'Ah, just the <race> I wanted to see. You look quite a useful sort, so I have no qualms asking you to do a bit of dirty work for me.
'You see, the workers here have never been fond of my policies. They can feel however they wish, but if I hear of them stirring up any trouble or complaining to folks, that will mean trouble for them.
'Gareth Rust is the one who seems to be the most upstart among his peers. You must go spy on him and convince him to talk to you. If he says anything out of place, the rascal won't have a job!'
The mayor wants you to betray the workers, but you would never stoop so low!

Objective 2

Gareth Rust is in the workers' area in Winter-home, ever toiling.

You should tell Gareth Rust that the mayor wants you to spy on him so he will lose his job.

Gareth Rust: 'Ha! The mayor is right to send a spy. But you are a friend to us workers, and that is a great boon.
'I have reason to believe that the mayor uses the extra funds from our lowered wages and over-time for unsavoury transactions and doesn't invest it in making our town better.
'I have seen Guard Frostway coming to town at night to collect money and forms to bring to the fort down by the lake. Will you go investigate down there? The mayor will fire me on sight if I leave my post.'

Objective 3

  • Investigate the fort in Frostbluff where the mayor stores his funds and records

The fort on the frozen lake is south-west of Winter-home in Frostbluff.

You should go to the fort on the Frozen Lake and find what evidence you can of the Mayor's corruption, as Gareth Rust is sure the town's money is being put to corrupt use.

Guard Frostway: 'You nosey patrons should mind your own business and stay in the Festival area! You're out of bounds, <race>, and out of your depth!
'So you're intent on sticking your nose where it don't belong? The mayor pays me good money to make sure folks like you don't dig up any unwanted dirt!'
Guard Frostway says, 'You should learn to mind your own business!'
Guard Frostway says, 'Y-you best clear off! There's no proof of anything!'
Guard Frostway says, 'You're strong! Too strong....'
Guard Frostway has been driven off...but the door of the fort opens of its own accord.
Guard Frostway says, 'I've had enough of this job! The mayor has caused me nothing but trouble.'

Objective 4

  • Defend yourself from the banker of Frostbluff


  • Use the door to gain access to the Store-house

The fort on the frozen lake is south-west of Winter-home in Frostbluff.

You should go to the fort on the Frozen Lake and find what evidence you can of the Mayor's corruption, as Gareth Rust is sure the town's money is being put to corrupt use.

Banker Archbluff says, 'Insufferable.'
Banker Archbluff says, 'You insult the mayor by coming here unbidden!'
Banker Archbluff says, 'I'll not let you smear the mayor's reputation, or the reputation of this town....'
Banker Archbluff says, '...Not after all the sacrifices we've made.'

Objective 5

  • Defend yourself from the banker of Frostbluff

The fort on the frozen lake is east of Winter-home in Frostbluff.

You should go to the fort on the Frozen Lake and find what evidence you can of the Mayor's corruption, as Gareth Rust is sure the town's money is being put to corrupt use.

Banker Archbluff: 'You fool. By challenging this fort, you are challenging the mayor. I think he will send you to the stocks for this, once I knock you out. And he'll find out whoever sent you here, stranger.
Banker Archbluff says, 'I'll make you wish you never grew so bold!'
Banker Archbluff says, 'Why are you here? Do you think any good will come of exposing us?'
Banker Archbluff says, 'Do you think you have not also profited at the expense of the poor?'
Banker Archbluff says, 'You think you are helping them by coming here....'
Banker Archbluff says, 'But think! How many coins have you reaped at their expense?'
Banker Archbluff says, 'Ah!'
The banker has been driven off...and a curious piece of paper swirls into your hand as he flees

Objective 6

A piece of paper has fallen to the snow near the bank-outpost at the frozen pond.

You should pick up the fallen piece of paper.

Your search is over; all evidence of the mayor's corruption is on this receipt
Banker Archbluff says, 'I...I am not strong enough to stop you.'
Banker Archbluff says, 'You may do as you like. Just leave me out of it!'

Objective 7

  • Bring the proof of the mayor's corruption to Mayor Goodnough

You should return to the mayor with the evidence you collected of his corruption.

Winston Goodnough: 'What's that you have there?'
The mayor looks at the paper in your hand and pales in alarm as he realizes that you know everything about his irresponsible investing while the folks of his town go hungry.
'W-what are you going to do with that?! Surely you don't mean to tell our innocent visitors of you? Please...I will do anything you ask if you just put that paper back where it belongs, hidden away....
'What do you want? What share of the profit will appease you?'

Objective 8

The beggars, now re-hired for the former position, are around the town.

You should quickly tell the beggars that their period of despair is at an end at last.

You demand that the mayor sets the wages right for the workers, and gives the beggars back their jobs
Barrett Nowell: 'Surely...surely you are joking. How can this be? Has the mayor grown a heart? I'll not count my blessings -- I will go to work at once!
'This is wonderful news...!'
Barrett Nowell is ecstatic about this turn of fate
Barrett Nowell says, 'I am so happy!'
Ted Ives: 'What sorrow and what joy this winter has brought me! I can hardly believe my ears, <name>. By what providence has the mayor decided to give me another chance at life?
'You are so good to deliver this message to me. My outlook does not seem so bleak now.'
Ted Ives is ecstatic about this turn of fate
Ted Ives says, 'I can't believe it!'
Regina Judson: 'Oh, good <race>! Thanks you. I can feel it -- you have had a great part in this gift that you now bring me from Mayor Goodnough.'
Regina Judson is ecstatic about this turn of fate
Regina Judson says, 'Such wonderful news! I'll go to the worksite now.'
Jack Judson: 'Hurrah! Hurrah! I cannot believe it! I've been hoping every moment that some luck would come my way, and it has at last!'
Jack Judson is ecstatic about this turn of fate
Jack Judson says, 'You are the bearer of such marvellous news! I can hardly believe my ears....'
Bill Hyde: ' give me my life back with your news. I don't know what to say. Can it really be true, <name>? Can the mayor have grown a heart?
'What a wonderful day. Things are turning around for this town; I can feel it.'
Bill Hyde is ecstatic about this turn of fate
Bill Hyde says, 'I'm so happy!'

Objective 9

  • Talk to Gareth Rust of all that you have achieved on behalf of the workers

Gareth Rust and Daley Utteridge are in the workers' area in Winter-home.

You should tell the workers of your success in manipulating the mayor. Things are looking up for the workers of Winter-home!

Gareth Rust: 'You have done a wonderful thing, <name>. We workers don't have much, but we scraped together what we could. Please, accept these gifts as tokens of our gratitude.
'But know that we will not forget you, or the great deeds done this day. If we ever have the opportunity to give you proper thanks, you can rest assured that we will.'