Quest:Scraps of Shadow

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Scraps of Shadow
Level 53
Type Solo
Starts with Rambi
Starts at The Chamber of the Crossroads
Start Region Durin's Way
Map Ref [5.2S, 112.0W]
Quest Group Moria: Durin's Way
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Something has been stirring up the bats since we arrived. At first, I thought it was those goblins, but I spotted something else the other looked a bit like one of those merrevail, but different in some way.

'I say we find out what it was and deal with those bats while we are about it! There is a small outpost north of here, the Door to the Clouds, near the entrance to Zirakzigil. Go there and speak with Kalman to find out what they know of the bats.'


Something is stirring the bats up, causing concern for the dwarves in Moria.

Objective 1

Kalman can be found at the small outpost found at the entrance to Zirakzigil in Durin's Way.

Kalman: 'Rambi sent you to find out about the increase in bat activity? yes, we have noticed this as well.
'The bats sem to dwell in a cave a bit south and east of here. I am unsure of what has roused them, but I would imagine that it might be found within that cave. Hunt as many of those winged menaces as you can, while you are there.'

Objective 2

  • Find the bat-cave

The entrance to the bats' cave lies south and east of Durin's Crossing.

Kalman has asked you to hunt down the bats that have infested Durin's Way.

Kalman: 'There's a cavern entrance that is rumoured to be swarming with bats. When you reach Durin's Crossing head south, then east at the first passage and you will be well on your way.'
Found the bat-cave

Objective 3

The entrance to the bats' cave lies north and east of the Chamber of the Crossroads.

Rambi has asked you to hunt down the bats that have infested Durin's Way.

Objective 4

Rambi is at the Chamber of the Crossroads in Durin's Way, west and south of the bats' cave.

You should return to Rambi with tidings of your success.

Rambi: 'Welcome back! Was the hunting good? You saw a few of those creatures that have been stirring up the bats, have you? I think we've got trouble then.'