Quest:Scouting the Conflict

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Scouting the Conflict
Level 130
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Cangoras
Starts at Palace of Eldacar
Start Region The Sundering of Osgiliath
Map Ref [63.5N, 84.7W]
Ends with Cangoras
Quest Group Osgiliath Freep
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We need you to go and patrol the Western side of Osgiliath to make sure no one is sneaking around our bases.

'I know I can count on you. Report back here when you're done.'


Cangoras tasks you with patrolling the Western side of Osgiliath for signs of conflict or encroaching forces.

Objective 1

  • Patrol the broken bridge to the Dome of Stars
  • Patrol the central lookout
  • Patrol atop the Archives
  • Patrol the southern pier
  • Patrol the central pier
  • Patrol the Court of Anárion

You should patrol the Western side of Osgiliath.

Objective 2

  • Speak with Cangoras

Cangoras is at the Palace of Eldacar.

You should speak to Cangoras.

Cangoras: 'No too much trouble out there I hope. You've done a great service to keeping our soldiers safe.'