Quest:Sanctity of the Sovereigns

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Sanctity of the Sovereigns
Level 38
Type Solo
Starts with Nimbellas
Starts at Way of Kings
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [15.4S, 66.2W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'With the threats thinned, the crypts scouted, and these keys in hand, we are ready to venture into the tombs within the Way of Kings.

'We will focus on the four you discovered to be opened: Haudh Eärendur, Haudh Valandur, Haudh Arantar, and Haudh Eldacar.

'We have each spent some time researching these crypts and reviewing our notes from what we have seen while posted here. There is much to do.'


Several tombs and crypts within the Way of Kings have been opened.

Objective 1

There is much to do within the open tombs of the Way of Kings.

Objective 2

Nimbellas is at the Ranger-camp in the Way of Kings.

Nimbellas will want to discuss the work done within the open crypts in the Way of Kings.

Nimbellas: 'You have done much to help us preserve these tombs and crypts, <name>. If the rulers below still lived, I know they would honour and praise you.'