Quest:Roving Threat: Haldalona, the Vile Darkwater

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Roving Threat: Haldalona, the Vile Darkwater
Level 100
Type Small Fellowship
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Aelnir
Starts at Dol Amroth
Start Region Dol Amroth
Map Ref [75.5S, 71.9W]
Ends with Aelnir
Ends at Dol Amroth
End Region Dol Amroth
Map Ref [75.5S, 71.9W]
Quest Group Roving Threats
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Not only do Azruthor's forces seek to corrupt our lands, but our waters as well!

'I have seen a darkness that stirs in the rivers. It is an ancient fell power, manifesting into a form known by some as Haldalona. This may be difficult for you to believe, but you must take my words as truth.

'The forces of Tarlang's Crown are beginning to spread into the rest of Western Gondor. I do hope that you will be able to stop Haldalona before our waters cease to carry fish or travellers.'


Azruthor's forces venture out of Tarlang's Crown including Haldalona, who seeks to corrupt Western Gondor's waters.

Objective 1

Haldalona can be found somewhere in Western Gondor.

You should defeat Haldalona.

Defeated Haldalona

Objective 2

Aelnir can be found in the city of Dol Amroth.

You should speak with Aelnir.

Aelnir: 'You were able to defeat the Darkwater, Haldalona? I commend you for your bravery.
'Perhaps now the waters will flow freely and without the vile corruption caused by these ghastly spirits. I shall reward you well for your efforts.'